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Some of these books are rare and can only be obtained on Internet and/or in second-hand bookshops. Advise welcome on any books that been have omitted, plus new editions or new releases.
The books are sorted by the year of the RTW they describe.


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Peter Wilson (RTW 2017) presents his new book: Two Rotors: One Planet

Available from 16th July 2020 in all fine book retailers world-wide and online in both paperback and ebook.
See website for details:

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Two Rotors: One Planet is Peter’s enthralling account of his incredible Three Journeys Round expeditions full of passion, wonderful descriptions, bold aviation adventure and a little jeopardy!
In 2016, helicopter pilot Peter Wilson set out on the first of three exceptional aviation adventures and became the first person to fly solo around Africa, from London to Stellenbosch return, in a journey of 30,750 kilometres. In 2017 he accomplished a remarkable first circumnavigation through equatorial antipodes, completed in 121 days. On his third journey around Latin America in 2018/19, Peter visited a further 23 countries.
Growing up in Africa and witnessing some of the most beautiful landscapes and wildlife our planet has to offer, Peter has always had a passion for exploration and a duty of care for this wonderful world. His mission with his Three Journey Round project is to inspire, educate and promote the idea of a better planet through sustainable development.
In an R66 helicopter, Peter travelled a total of 122,500 kilometres in 285 expedition-days on three remarkable, long-range aviation journeys claiming 11 FAI world records. He was awarded the Britannia Trophy by the Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom for his achievements.
Viewing the world from above, and often in geographical locations that very few people will ever see, Peter has captured the incredible scenes in his book Two Rotors: One Planet as he travelled through 86 countries. He has witnessed the mesmeric contrasts and colour of our world including its cold glacial deserts; humid forests; hot desert sandscapes; stunning beaches and archipelagos; beautiful sunsets and sunrises; vibrant wetlands; astonishing mountains and steppes; generous peoples and cultures; and some amazing animals.
Peter’s enthusiasm and understanding of the available science has given him the perfect opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind project leaving many encouraged at the prospect of a better world through sustainable development.

Review Quotes:
“An astonishing and inspiring view of our rapidly changing world”
Dr Nigel Winser FRGS,
Life Scientist and former Executive Vice President of Earthwatch
“An absolutely stunning achievement”
Jennifer Murray, Businesswoman, artist, mother of three and first woman to fly a helicopter solo around the world.
“Peter visited some of the best locations in the biosphere”
Gérard Moss, MBE & Margi Moss, Pilot, public speaker, environmentalist, explorer and first person to fly a motor glider solo around the world
“Peter’s attention to detail in terms of expedition logistics is exemplary” Mark Evans, MBE, FRGS, Explorer, Executive Director of Outward Bound Oman
“An inspirational geographical essay of our world and our time” Steve Brooks, Entrepreneur, aviator, explorer and first person to fly a helicopter from the North pole to the South pole
“Peter shows us that much of the world is uninhabited, remote and beautiful but not unaffected” Fedor Konyukhov, Survivalist, adventurer, explorer, artist, author and priest



Book details and ordering Form.

Michel Gordillo (RTW 2001, 2016) announces his new Book:"NORDPOL UND SUDPOL IM SOLOFLUG".
Miguel Angel Gordillo is the first person to circle the earth over the North and South Poles with a home-built airplane weighing less than 1750 kg.

In 2016, he covered 76,000 km under the most extreme flight conditions across the desert, jungle, mountains, ocean and ice, setting the world record for the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.


  Cleared Direct Destination
  by Ravinder Bansal.


Cleared Direct Destination
My Solo Flight Around the World for Cancer Awareness.

by Ravinder Bansal.
  by Fahkr Alam..

Making History.

by Fahkr Alam.
The first Pakistani pilot to circumnavigate the Globe.
Fakhr Alam tells of his determination to be the first pilot from Pakistan to complete a flight around the Globe.
Fascinating reading.
Fully illustrated.
ISBN: 978-969-9748-13-4

  by Tiffany Ann Brown.


The True Story of Pioneering Solo Pilot Joan Merriam Smith
by Tiffany Ann Brown.

In 1964, at age 27, Joan Merriam Smith made history when she became the first person to complete a solo flight around the equator and the youngest woman to fly around the world. In pursuit of a lifelong dream to complete Amelia Earhart's route, Joan overcame tremendous odds to complete her flight, from numerous mechanical troubles to persistent bad weather and unexplained resistance from officials at every turn. Yet her heroic story has gone mostly untold in the annals of aviation … until now.

More than 50 years later, Tiffany Brown discovered a box belonging to her grandmother, Trixie Schubert, the foreign news correspondent who had died years earlier. Inside the box, Brown found a manuscript, written by Trixie, revealing the details of Joan's world flight, but also raising questions about the mysterious plane crash that resulted in both women's deaths.

In Fate on a Folded Wing, Brown brings Joan's high-flying journey to life. Aided by historical records, letters, personal accounts of the two women and their families and friends, and her own grandmother’s long-forgotten manuscript, Brown shares this epic tale about a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and the unsung, heroic women determined to overcome the odds to fulfill their dreams

   by Nancy Wilson


In aviation terms, we are the spoilt generation. Our aeroplanes are more reliable than ever, more comfortable, stronger, safer and easier to fly. Navigation since the advent of GPS has moved from an art to a science, enabling the weekend pilot to fix his/her position with virtually the same accuracy as the crew of a 777.
In the context of powered flight – barely 100 years old – it is sobering to consider the remarkable achievements of aviators in an age when engines failed as a matter of course; navigation was by guess and by god; and instrumentation and avionics were either minimal or non-existent. The fact that these amazing people managed to crash the barriers and achieve the impossible is testament to their courage and dedication – and even, perhaps, to their sense of indestructibility.
One of them was Mary Bruce, the first woman to fly solo around the world.* She set this remarkable record in 1930 flying a Blackburn Bluebird, a British biplane with a 120 horsepower de Havilland Gipsy Major engine. While the names of Charles Kingsford Smith, Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh and Amy Johnson jump out of the annals of aviation exploration, who remembers the Hon. Mary Bruce?
This feisty female, who was fined at the age of 15 for speeding on her brother’s motor bike and bore a child out of wedlock at a time when society shunned single mothers, went on to become a champion racer of cars, boats and aeroplanes. She was a social lioness, an accomplished media player, and a bit of a sport when it came to liaisons with the opposite sex.
She bought her Bluebird on a whim: it was in the window of a shop in London’s Burlington Gardens. Mary went in and asked the salesman: “Could one fly around the world in this?” “Of course, madam!” came the reply. Typical of her do-it-now approach to life, Mary wasted no time, soloing in June, getting her licence in July, and taking off on her world flight in September, leaving her husband to look after her son by a former lover. Her journey, chronicled professionally in Queen of Speed by American author Nancy Wilson after 15 years of research, provides vivid confirmation that fact is stranger – and far more entertaining – than fiction.
During her progress through Europe, the Middle East, India, Burma, Siam (now Thailand), French Indo-China (now Vietnam), Hong Kong, Shanghai and across the Yellow Sea to Japan, Mary – using maps provided by the British Automobile Association – fought incredible odds. She survived engine failures, storms, forced landings and crashes, leaking petrol, malaria, an in-flight fire, severe turbulence, dysentery, and the monsoon. She confronted fierce tribesman after a forced landing in Persia (now Iran), landed in the middle of a football stadium in Turkey after dropping a smoke bomb to scare the players off the field, and took part in a tiger hunt in Burma.
Throughout this amazing flight she was welcomed by all and sundry – even when she made unauthorised landings at “secret” airfields in Turkey – and put up in style by governors, district officers and other A-list officials representing their colonial masters. Her reception was in stark contrast to the experiences of Earthrounder CarolAnn Garrett, whose third circumnavigation in 2010 revealed a tawdry web of bureaucratic obstruction, rip-offs and corruption in third-world countries aimed at discouraging the modern adventurer.
Mary’s arrival in Osaka established a record of the first flight from England to Japan. The Bluebird made the trip across the Pacific by ocean liner, and Mary resumed her flight in Vancouver, following the US east coast to Los Angeles (and having an affair with a married fellow pilot along the way), then crossed the continent via Phoenix and El Paso before fulfilling a long-held ambition to visit her mother’s birthplace: New Albany, Indiana. Mary’s progress to Chicago, Boston and New York were punctuated by more crashes, celebrity receptions and foul weather.
Mary and the Bluebird crossed the Atlantic on a liner, disembarking in France so the adventurous aviator could fly the final leg to England. She landed at Lympne, Kent, on February 19, 1931, and flew on to a reception at Croydon, then London’s major airport, where she was welcomed by Amy Johnson.
The rest of Mary Bruce’s long and fascinating life is a story in itself, and included starting an airline, building buses and owning a glove factory. Nancy Wilson’s evocation of this extraordinary aviation pioneer is a book no aeroplane enthusiast – or admirer of women’s fight for their place in the world – should miss. Queen of Speed is available from the author:
and at:

Tony Rees

* Earthrounders would not, today, classify Mary’s flight as a genuine circumnavigation because of the ocean crossings by ship. However, in recognition of the historic achievements of early aviators, their astonishing flights are given honorary Earthrounder status.

   by CarrolAnn Garratt

CarolAnn Garratt is an exceptional flier and an amazing individual. She has been around the world three times in her Mooney M20J and her account of her third circumnavigation is told with feeling and humour in her latest book, Upon Silver Wings III.
As a fellow M20J owner – but by no means her equal in achievement – I had the privilege of being introduced to CarolAnn by Earthrounders founder Claude Meunier when she passed through Perth, Western Australia, on her most recent epic voyage. I was quite overwhelmed by this extraordinary aviator’s unassuming demeanour and eagerness to engage with the rough-and-tumble local flying crowd.
This no-nonsense, down-to-earth attitude is reflected in her book – a wonderful and easy-to-read volume that every pilot will treasure. In contrast to her second book, which recorded her record-breaking dash around the world in 8½ days, this one is as much about the friends, relatives and places she visited as the actual flying, though the reader is never too far from N220FC.
CarolAnn’s nicely-paced narrative includes amusing anecdotes from out-of-the-way destinations and some evocative descriptions of the different scenery she encountered as she progressed over the Atlantic to Britain and many European countries, then on through the Middle East and Far East to Australia, and back home to Florida across the Pacific. There are places she visited that most of us only dream of: Slovenia, Latvia, Hungary, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Madagascar, Pago Pago . . . On Silver Wings reflects the satisfaction a flier can derive from stopping to smell the roses.
While CarolAnn maintains a professional calm when describing her flights, her brushes with fickle, quick-changing weather will have you on your toes. You will also be appalled at the enormous and quite unjustified charges made for landing, handling, customs, fuel and so on. It seemed the further she flew from civilisation, the worse the rip-offs got. India topped the bill, with outrageous charges, obstructive bureaucracy and general bloody-mindedness. Any budding Earthrounder would be well advised to read the book and take her advice.
I have nothing but admiration for CarolAnn’s exhaustive planning, both before and during the flight. She shows us all how it should be done.

Tony Rees

• Upon Silver Wings III can be ordered through All proceeds from the book go to aid research into motor neurone disease, from which CarolAnn’s mother died.

Great viewing on YouTube:

Other bookd by CarolAnn Garratt:
Upon Silver Wings.
Upon Silver Wings II.

   by Liliana Tagliamonte and Detlef Heun
  About this Film:
ON THE WINGS OF DREAMS is an adventurous and daring documentary film that celebrates friendship and flying around the world.
Featuring thrilling aerial photography and sweeping original score Through the love story of two pilots and their passion for flying and adventure. This Film shares, what all of us dream. Flying joined two strangers from two different countries: a man and a women.
A common dream was the spark of a challenge, a flight around the world, and love for each other made them husband and wife in the middle of their adventure.
The first part is done: from the tip of Florida, USA, to the end of the world: Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Then to the Andes of Peru, to the far away
Galapagos Islands, 1.100 miles, a 6 hours flight over the vast Pacific Ocean with no landing possibilities. Returning back to the States, flying from West to East, and South to North. The travel is a free spirit, and so is our flight. Improvisation and surprises were encountered, and the most important of all: many friends, many people that shared with us a part of their lifes, a part of their knowledge.
Maybe this film might change your point of view, maybe it ignites the long forgotten dream..

   by Yannick Bovier

A friendship, a shared dream, a handshake, three years preparation for a great aeronautical and human adventure, as a tribute to the pioneers of Swiss aviation. Azimut270 is a direction. But above all it is a proof that with willpower and a bit of hard work we can realise our wildest dreams.
A beautiful book, with great photos of a very special RTW with 2 light CTLS aircrafts celebrating the centenary of the Swiss aviation.
Highly recommended.

With a Foreword by Earthrounder Bertrand Piccard

Description, pictures and ordering information for the book (available in English or French) can be found on the Azimut270 web site :

   by Manuel Queiroz
Chasing the Morning Sun, Manuel Queiroz solo flight around the World:

Manual Queiroz lived through the ultimate adventure, flying solo around the world in his home-built aircraft. Chasing the Morning Sun is a remarkable way to share his exploit with his readers through flair and interesting thoughts.
The book clearly describes how the aircraft was built and readied for the flight. Not only a precise narrative of the whole flight, the book includes significant considerations of how Queiroz feels and copes under a variety of circumstances. Whether it’s joy at each safe arrival, humour and exasperation when fronting foreign bureaucracy, worries about fuel management, or fear of a menacing weather, we participate in the flight as if we were in the small cockpit.
The book is a pleasure to read and confirms the high intellectual standard of the author. Knowing the author had just beaten cancer when he started his adventurous project gives an additional dimension to the book, and allows the reader to experience a sense of hope and courage.
I recommend it to newcomers to long flights and flights around the World, as well as to veteran pilots who have been through such flights. It would make them relive the anxieties, joys and accomplishments of their own journeys.
The use of some technical aeronautical terms should not prevent the general public to enjoy this inspirational and entertaining book.

Highly recommended.

With a Foreword by Earthrounder Polly Vacher.

“Chasing the Morning Sun” is available from Grub Street or from Amazon.



   by Barbara H. Schultz
Early Earthrounder’s epic story:

“Flying Carpets, Flying Wings” is a remarkable biography not only of pioneer pilot Moye W. Stephens but also of those who surrounded him in the aviation circles of the 1920s,’30s and ’40s. The narrative is peppered with legendary names such as Amelia Earhart, Howard Hughes, Jimmy Doolittle, William Boeing and Roscoe Turner.
Stephens’s earliest brush with fame was as the pilot of “The Flying Carpet”, a Stearman owned by author/adventurer Richard Halliburton, who made a small fortune from his book about the flight. In fact Stephens is the real Earthrounder; Halliburton was only a passenger. Their 18-month odyssey through countries and cultures far removed from their own is a reminder to us all how flying has changed.
In contrast to Halliburton’s highly dramatised descriptions, aviation historian Barbara H. Schultz gives a precise account of the epic flight, with full details of each leg, in her well-researched and well-written book.
Through Stephens’s letters to his family, she paints a more realistic story of Halliburton’s moods and of the flight, during which they would meet other famous Earthrounders: Elly Beinhorn, and Jacques and Violette de Sibour.
Schultz’s chronicle of the aerial circumnavigation is particularly significant because it presents factual details and fascinating photographs of Stephens’s early flying life. The remainder of his career, as an airline and test pilot and pioneer with Jack Northrop of the revolutionary flying wing, is well described.

An extremely interesting book, “Flying Carpets, Flying Wings” places Moye Stephens in his rightful position as one of the great contributors to aviation. It’s a pleasure to read, and a must for any Earthrounder.
Highly recommended.

“Flying Carpets, Flying Wings” is available from Plane Mercantile



GLINES, Carroll, Round-the-World Flights. Van Nostrand Reinhold Co, 1982. Paperback 2d edition, Aero 1990. A synopsis of round-the-world flights up until 1982, Aero


1924 THOMAS, Lowell. The First World Flight. Houghton Mifflin, 1925.

1924 TESSENDORF, K.C. Wings around the World. The American World Flight of 1924, Atheneum, New York, 1991. A rewrite of Lowell's book now out of print. Photos and maps.

1924 McKAY Ernest. A World to Conquer. Arco publishing Inc, 1981. The epic story of the first around the world Flight.
1929-30 von KOENIG-WARTHAUSEN, F.K. Wings Around the World. GP Putnam's, 1930. The extraordinary tale of a 21-year old German baron who initially set out just to fly to Moscow…and kept going. In a Daimler Klemm with a 20 horsepower engine.
1930 BRUCE, The Hon. Mrs Victor : The Flight of the Bluebird , Chapman & Hall, London, 1931. As above, the first woman to fly solo around the world, albeit shipping her tiny Bluebird across the oceans. Rare book.

1930 BRUCE, The Hon. Mrs Victor : Nine Lives Plus Pelham Books, London 1977 Autobiography of an amazing woman, including three chapters on her circumnavigation. The first woman to fly solo around the world, albeit shipping her tiny Bluebird across the oceans.

1930 WILSON, Nancy, Queen of Speed, The Racy Life of Mary Petre Bruce. ELSP. Bradford on Avon,Wiltshire, BA15 1ED UK. . ISBN 978 1 906641 42 9.
Order from:

1930 De Sibour, Violette: Flying Gypsies. G. P. Putnam's Sons. New York.
1931 POST, Wiley and GATTY, Harold. Around the World in Eight Days. John Hamilton Ltd, London.1931 The intriguing flight of the Winnie Mae.
1931 BURKE Bob, From Oklahoma to Eternity Oklahoma Heritage, 1998, Oklahoma. The life of Wiley Post and the Winnie Mae.

1931STERLING Bryan, Will Rogers and Wiley Post, Mc Evans and Co. 1993 New York. Death art Barrow.
1931 BEINHORN , Elly, Ich fliege um die Welt ,Ullstein A.G., Berlin, 1952
1931 BEINHORN , Elly,Flying Girl, Geoffrey Bles, London, 1935
1931 HALLIBURTON ,Richard, The Flying Carpet . The Bobbs-Merrill Co, Indianapolis. 1932.

1931 SCHULTZ , Barbara H., Flying Carpets, Flying Wings. Little Buttes Publishing Co. Lancaster Ca. 2010. ISBN 978-0-9652181-2-2
Available from:

1948 MORROW-TAIT , Richarda, Thurday's Child. The story of the first flight round the World by a woman pilot, 2001. Cirrus Associates, London. ISBN 1 902807 11 1.
1961 BUEGELEISEN Sally, Into the Wind, The Story of Max Conrad, 1973, Random House, New York. Biography of Max Conrad.
1964 Fate on a Folded wing by Tiffany Ann Brown. 2019.
The True Story of Pioneering Solo Pilot Joan Merriam Smith.
ISBN: 978-1-943588-82-4
Available from Amazon.

1964 MOCK Jerrie Three Eight Charlie . 1970, Lippincott Co, New York.

38Charlie A luxury reprint of "Three eight Charlie" is now available:
"The book is beautiful ... gold embossed cover, 280 color pages chock full of her flight plans, weather reports, and memorabilia. "
The book will be available for purchase online at in April 2013.
1966 SCOTT Sheila I Must Fly Hodder and Stoughton, 1968. The adventures of a woman pilot.
1967 PELLEGRENO Ann Holtgren , World Flight. The Amelia Trail, 1971, The Iowa State University Press.
Ann Pellegrino flew the route of Amelia Earhart with the same type of aircraft.
1969-70 SCOTT, Sheila. Barefoot in the Sky. Macmillan, 1973. Sheila Scott, a British actress, flew three times around the world breaking speed records.
1969 TAIT Cliff, Flight of the Kiwi, Ure Smith, Sydney, 1970. His flight around the World in a New-Zealand built Airtourer 115. Enquiries:
1969 TAIT, Cliff. Water under my Wings.,. Self-published. Includes episodes about the circumnavigation and other flights. Enquiries:
1976-77 HUFFER, Henning, book: 2. edition 1998, Battert Verlag, ISBN 3-87989-248-2.
1980 CHISHOLM, Judith. Stardust . written by Audrey Lowe on her daughter' record solo flight in a Cessna 210. Available from the author :
Price including postage: £ sterling 11.50 , € 19 or $ U.S. 18.

1982-83 SMITH, Dick. The Earth Beneath Me, Angus & Robertson, Australia. 1983 The first two legs of Dick's helicopter flight around the world.

1982-83 SMITH, Dick. Solo Around the World. Australian Geographic 1992 Out of print. Large format, beautiful photographic book on Dick's helicopter circumnavigation, the first such trip solo.

1984 FRANCESCHI, Patrick, La Folle Equipee. Robert Laffont, Paris. 1987. Le premier tour du monde en ULM. .

1986 YEAGER, Jeana. Voyager. Kopf, New York, 1986. ISBN 0 394 55266 0
The first non-stop flight around the World.

1987 FONGER, Donald. Challenging the Skies. Published in 1988 by Donald Fonger, 600 South Drive, Winnipeg R3T 0B1, Manitoba, Canada. Fonger flew westbound in a turbo Twin Comanche with his son Jim, accompanied by Dr. Talibi & Ken Bamford in another Twin Comanche.

1988 CLASSEN, Charles. O' the Places I've Been.
ISBN-13: 9781469171869
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 12 Apr 2012

1988 NORVILL, Peter Solo Around the World. Published in1988 by Peter Norvill, Murrurundi, New South Wales, Australia. A 35-day circumnavigation in a Cessna Hawk XP. ISBN 0 7216 4791 2

1988-89 SMITH, Dick Our Fantastic Planet - Circling the Globe via the Poles. Australian Geographic 1991. Out of print. Large format, photographic book on this Twin Otter flight over the Poles, with Giles Kershaw. First Vertical circumnavigation landing on both poles.

1989 KENNARD, Gaby Solo Woman. A Bantam Book, 1989, ISBN 1 86359 008 0. Gaby's solo flight in a Saratoga.

Freedom of the Skies 1989-1992 MOSS, Margi & Gerard Freedom of the Skies Airlife Publishing UK, 1995. A 32-month circumnavigation eastbound in a Sertanejo (Saratoga). First crossing between Australia and South America by light aircraft. In Portuguese: A Volta por Cima, Editora Record, Rio de Janeiro, re-edited 1999. Available on several internet stores or directly on

1990 TOWLE UmbertoFlying Together Around the World. Twin Air Publications. USA, 1993

1992 BERNARDINI Umberto, Un BeBé al giro del mondo.
Logisma. 20/1/2011

1992 BUTLER, Brad: A World Flight over Russia Wind Canyon Publishing Inc, in 1998. (PO BOX 1445, Niceville FL 32588-1445) An account of the Around the World Air Rally in 1992 that crossed Russia. Available from the publishers

1992 LEVIN, Dick : Me and Boone and 13 Yankee , Publisher: Professional Press, Chapel Hill, N.C.
ISBN: 157 087221X
Can be ordered from Dick Levin, 2131 N. Lakeshore Dr., Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514 or
Price $ 20.00 postpaid
215 pages with photographs

1993 SCHNEIDER, Hans: The Flight of the Raven
with more than 200 photos, in addition 5 survey maps and a CD containing film records form Amazonia and Peru. Bilingual German / English. Volume: 256 pages, weight: 1350 grams, price: 42;00 € (plus forwarding expenses: within Germany 6,50 €, abroad on demand).
Available from:
Visit Hans' Site:

1993 SHAPIRO, Renny: EASTBOUND, Our Flight, our Mission.
A true-life account about the wonder and romance of world flying, about a unique travel experience, and about an unforgettable encounter with a distant and courageous Jewish Diaspora seeking return. ISBN 1-4208-5288-4 (sc) and 1-4208-5287-6 (hc)..
Available from:, Barnesandnoble and Amazon (See links on this page).

1994 STEWART, Dennis: Bonanza around the World Wind Canyon Publishing Inc, in 1998. PO BOX 1445, Niceville FL 32588-1445. Personal account of Dennis' participation with Bob Reiss in the 1994 Air Race. Available from the Author:


1994 HALPERIN, Herbert, The Sky's No Limit
To Order:Tel: 800-597-9250 or email
Cost: $29.95 +S&H. (California Sales Tax)
Review by Bob Reiss...

1994-95 SMITH, Dick & Pip Above the World Australian Geographic in 1991. Available from 321 Mona Vale Road, Terrey Hills, NSW 2084, Australia. Large format, beautiful photographic book on the Smiths' westbound flight in a Sikorsky.

1995 & 1996 JOHANSON, Jon. Aiming High, Wakefield Press, South Australia, 1997. ISBN 1 86254 424 7. Available at Bookshops in Australia. Enquiries:


1995 SMITH, Sandi. Following Amelia, Ruby Moon Press. 2005. ISBN: 0-9665370-1-7. Paperback, 212pp. Price: $17.95
Sandi Smith and Jay Merten share tales of their adrenaline-flowing 1995 world flight in a single-engine Piper Malibu. This book contains a daily narrative of the flight in fast-reading, novel-like style. The interleaved perspectives of international aviation, travel, humanitarian, and family make this book unusual and interesting. Sandi also weaves in facts about Amelia Earhart from her 1937 flight and compares Amelia's flight to modern-day flying. Great for CFIs as well as pilot’s spouses.
To order visit

1996 LANGER, Dieter, 2015 edition, german. WELT WEIT WEG, Camper, Cockpit & Kajüte, ,
Four around the world adventures with camper, airplane(2x) & sailboot. 480 pages with photos and charts. Order direct at or via bookshops.
Paperback: ISBN 978-3-86386-884-0
Hardcover: ISBN 978-3-86386-885-7
eBook: ISBN 978-3-86460-144-6

1996 GUTMANN, Hans. Mein Flug um die Welt. Solaris Spirituelle Edition, 2000. In German. Hans' flight in a Glasair III, with colour photographs throughout.
Available from:

1997 COWAN, Tony with HUGHES, Ced and PURCHASE, Bill. Chipmunks Around the World. Published in 1998 by The RAF Benevolent Fund Ent., Bader House, RAF Fairford, Gloscester, GL7 4DL, England. Limited edition. Recounts the flight of two De Havilland Chipmunks Eastbound across Russia, commemorating 50 years of their use in the RAF.
1997 PURCHASE, William. AROUND THE WORLD AT 90 KTS - THE CHIPMUNK CIRCUMNAVIGATION, Published in 2000. The last few copies are available from the author. Details from: .

1997 CORNISH, Jorge. El Gran Vuelo del Aguila Negra. Jorge's flight with Alfredo Dehmlow in a black turbo Mooney. Further information:

1998 MILTON, Brian. Global Flyer: Around the world in 80 Flying Days . Mainstream Publishing in 1998, at 7 Albany Street, Edinburgh EH1 3UG, Scotland. Brian's remarkable flight in a Trike, with Keith Reynolds part of the way. First trike around the world.

1999 PICCARD, Bertrand & JONES, Brian. The Greatest Adventure Headline Book Publishing 1999. The balloonists' own epic tale of their voyage, the last great circumnavigation of the twentieth century. On the internet and in shops. ISBN:0 7472 71283


2000 MURRAY Jennifer , NOW SOLO, Mainstream Publishing Company, Edimburg 2002.
"In 2000, Jennifer Murray - businesswoman, housewife, artist and mother of three - became the first woman to pilot a helicopter around the world in a record-breaking solo flight"

2000 Dan Dominguez and Chris Wall, Dreamcatcher, Tales From A flight Around The World
Order on-line from


Wings of the Wind 2001 MOSS Gérard, Wings of the Wind: A pictorial record. Supernova Editora, Brasil, 2002. Bilingual (English/Portuguese) coffee-table book of Gérard's flight around the world in a motor-glider. Large format, stunning colour photographs. A normal travel-book Asas do Vento (Ed Record), recounting the full story is also out, so far in Portuguese only. Info:


2001 VACHER Polly, Wings around the World . ISBN 1904943 543
The exhilarating story of one woman's epic flight from the North Pole to Antartica.
Available from :
Order your signed copy direct from Grub Street Publishing:
4 Rainhamm Close, London SW116SS Price:£20 (Visa and MC only)
Also available from and


2002 CAIRNS Douglas, Dare to Dream, Flying Solo With Diabetes .ISBN 0-9549929-0-3
"In 1989, when Douglas was a jet flying instructor in the British Royal Air Force, his doctor told him, "You are a diabetic, and you were a pilot," and that he would never be able to fly again due to the risk of low blood sugars and incapacitation. "Dare To Dream" highlights how Douglas returned to his flying dreams 14 years later using a private pilot's license in the USA, and in 2002 carrying out "Diabetes World Flight" at the controls of a 1970 Beech Baron B58. Douglas gives a detailed description of his loss of flying career, adapting to life with a chronic medical condition, changing career, and after regaining the freedom to fly, his diabetes fact-finding flight around the world lasting 159 days through 22 countries."
Order from:


2003 CarolAnn GARRAT, Upon Silver Wings: Global Adventure in a Small Plane. Earthrounder CarolAnn Garrat flew around the World in 2003 in a Mooney M20J. This book tells the story of her 7 month journey to 23 countries and traveling 36,667 nautical miles. Be the co-pilot with CarolAnn, seeing and hearing all the adventures, as she and her Mooney take 12 to 15-hour flight legs across the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
100% of book revenue goes to researching a cure for ALS/MND/Lou Gehrig's disease.
To order on-line: & prodID=15
Yours for a Donation of: $28.00
Purchase a copy of Upon Silver Wings and %100 of the proceeds will benefit ALS TDI.


2003 Jennifer Murray, Broken Journey ISBN 1-903872-189
A true story of courage and survival after a crash in Antartica. Jennifer Muray and Colin Bodill first attempt to fly to both Poles in a helicopter. Available from:


2004 Matevz Lenarcic, OKROG: A book about my two flights in ultralight aircraft RTW . First attempt in 2002 in Zenair CH701 and second successful flight in 2004 in ultralight motorglider Sinus 912. Story with two B&W pictures, 390 pages (13x21 cm). So far only in Slovene language


2004 Matevz Lenarcic, AROUND THE ONLY WORD; A pictorial monograph with 190 colour pictures, 186 pages (27 x 22 cm), hard cover with a dust jacket. Also with an english version!!
Both books can be bought at E-mail:


2004 Ganusauskas Edmundas, "PO SPARNU ZENE", ( "Beneath the wing: the EARTH"), describing the flight of Mr. Rolandas Paksas and Vladimir Makagonov . So far it is only in Lithuanian.


2004 Ricky de Angrela., FREEDOM FLIGHT
Available from


Great Circle 2005-2006 Stephan and Nicolas Perren, GREAT CIRCLE, The World Eastbound. This book is the story of a flight around the World in a single-engined airplane. The father-and-son team took off on September 27, 2005 on a flight to encircle the globe. It takes the reader along in text and photos. It is a travelogue, an expedition book, a scientific treatise and a picture album all rolled into one. A remarquable book!
Available on line at:


2006 Manuel Queiroz CHASING THE MORNING SUN ISBN: 9781908117090
Flying solo around the World in a homebuilt aircraft: The ultimate adventure.
An inspiring tale of personal strife against impossible odds, not just a book for pilots but for anyone looking for inspiration in the realisation of a lifelong ambition.
With a Foreword by Earthrounder Polly Vacher.


PolarFirst 2006-2007 Jennifer Murray POLAR FIRST ISBN: 978-988-17831-1-0
Polar First is the magnificent story of Jennifer and Colin's second, and this time, successful, attempt. This five-and-a-half-month journey took them over some of the world's most beautiful and yet hostile places, from the extremes of desert temperatures and the intense cold of the polar regions to the most dangerous waters on earth, and finally to stand on the bottom and top of the world.


2007 Wing Commander Rahul Monga SC AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS
ISBN 978 81 907 431 2 9. KW Publishers PVT LTD


Silver 2 2008 CarolAnn Garrat UPON SILVER WINGS II
This book documents the amazing journey CarolAnn Garratt and Carol Foy took to break a world record and raise money to end ALS.
Available from:


2008 Richard de Tscharner. TOUT UN MONDE, OUR WORLD
Les Editions Infolio/ Fondation Caréne


2010 Yannick Bovier AZIMUT270
RTW in 2 CTS light aircrafts.
Description, pictures and ordering information for the book (available in English or French) can be found on the Azimut270 web site :


2011 Wei Chen: Around the World in 69 days
What would you arrempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
Wei Chen flight around the World. He is the first Chinese citizen to fly a single engine airplane around the World in TBM700.
Avalable from Amazon:

2011 Marga Hannemann: Africa - 35 countries with a light twin-engine aircraft
ISBN: 978-3-00-022201-6


2012 CarolAnn Garratt UPON SILVER WINGS III
CarolAnn Garratt third flight around the World.
Can be ordered through
All proceeds from the book go to aid research into motor neurone disease, from which CarolAnn’s mother died.


2013 Johannes Burges: 360° WESTWÄRD ISBN -978-3-89029-462-9
Johannes Burges flew around the earth in a single-engine propeller plane, accompanied by his friend Wolfgang Schroen.


2012-2013Matevz Lenarcic : Matevz Lenarcic's books about his 2012/13 RTW and North Pole “Over the Blue Planet" in Pipistrel Virus ultralight.
In Slovene, English and German version.

Slovene and English version is available at GEAART: or Amazon

German version at Delius Klasing with title “Waserwelten”  

2014 Harry R. Anderson: Flying 7 Continents Solo
On sale at


2015 Michael Smith : Voyage of the Southern Sun:
An amazing solo journey around the World
Michael Smith first solo circumnavigation in an amphibian and in a flying boat.
In book stores now.


2018 Don Ledger : Riding the Fire
A biography of businessman, Pilot and adventurer David Donald Mcculoch.
David flew around the World in 1986 in his C414.


2015 Robert De Laurentis:
Flight of Passion and the Journey Within.
"I was rocketing toward the ground in an aircraft loaded with high-octane aviation fuel. All I could do was negotiate where the impact would happen." Robert DeLaurentis had an impossibly big dream: to circumnavigate the globe in a single-engine piston plane. Meant to be the ultimate test of his flying skills as a pilot,the journey would take him to the ends of the earth and over some of the most inhospitable terrain on the planet.He diligently prepared himself and his plane, the "Spirit of San Diego," for the excursion. Having previously flown to far-off places, he thought he knew what to expect.But reality doesn't always make for the best co-pilot.What began as a call to adventure turned into a soul-defining mission riddled with equipment failure, fierce weather, foreign bureaucratic nightmares, and nearly ended in a crash into the vast Pacific Ocean. The voyage would stretch his limits, test his mental strength, and eventually define him.Beaten down, broken and discouraged, he found that the only way to survive was to surrender to the Universe.In this follow-up to Flying Thru Life, DeLaurentis shares the insights he gained for overcoming paralyzing fear, defeating obstacles, and confronting any situation with grace and ease.This raw, at times terrifying, real-life adventure will inspire anyone who loves flying, yearns to fly, or simply has their own "impossibly big dream."De Laurentis' extraordinary journey shows us what it takes to be a Zen".
Robert De Laurentis can be contacted here


Making History.

by Fahkr Alam.
The first Pakistani pilot to circumnavigate the Globe.
Fakhr Alam tells of his determination to be the first pilot from Pakistan to complete a flight around the Globe.
Fascinating reading.
Fully illustrated.
ISBN: 978-969-9748-13-4
Available from Amazon.


Cleared Direct Destination.
My Solo Flight Around the World for Cancer Awareness,
by Ravinder Bansal.
All proceeds from the book will be donated to Rotary Ambala Cancer Hospital.

This book is a gripping story of a sixty-eight year-old amateur pilot, a high performance single-engine airplane, and a dream to fly around the world for a compelling humanitarian cause. It is a must-read for every aviation enthusiast, as well as people looking for ways to serve humanity.
Robert J. Miller, ATP, CFII

This past weekend I finished a very enjoyable narrative about the thought process our member, Ravi, had before, during & after his amazing flight around the world. If you have ever "dreamed" about such a feat in any aircraft but more directly a COL4, this is a must read. Ravi is a great story teller, weaving a life story and for the reader some understanding of the magnitude of the challenges, he has accepted.
Ravi is not a professional pilot and he made decisions based on imperfect knowledge because he had no choice, alone over the ocean for many hours. These challenges could strike any of us on a dark night over mountains. Read this website long enough & you will hear several such stories. Knowledge is power and that is why we read accident reports, magazines, etc.
My recommendation for each of you is to do two things: Buy his book recounting the full story at his website, look for the button "Store" Proceeds go to the same worthy medical cause outlined fully in the book. $50 expenditure which you will enjoy & feel good about. I can say without reservation it was a "can't put it down" once I got ten pages deep. I enjoyed it fully & have tremendous respect for who Ravi is as a person as well as the bravery he displayed. The challenges were much more substantial than my "dreams" had discovered.
Respect to him & regards to all

Richard Page, President of Cessna Advanced Aircraft Pilots/Owners club.



2005 MOORE Peter
DVD:FLYING DREAMS, Joining the Earthrounders
Buy on line at:

1976-77 HUFFER, Henning, Video: VHS Fidelitas Film 1998. In German. Tracking the legendary journey of the HMS Bounty in a Mooney Chaparral.
Further infomation:
Available from : and in shops.

1986 RUTAN, Dick & YEAGER, Jeana. "Flight of the Voyager" audio dramatization
written by Ferde Grofe.
3 CDs containing almost 3 hours of listening to a fantastic story of dreams and determination.
Like a book on tape with sound effects, you'll feel as though you are flying in the cockpit
beside Dick and Jeana as they made history on the 9-day flight.
Email orders to :

1990- CLAYTOR, Tom: "Flight Over Africa" 60-minute video produced by
National Geographic in 1994.
Flying a small classic Cessna 180 bush plane, Claytor is working his way around the globe.
This video records part of his journey, in the spectacular wilds of Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia.
Email orders to : or on :

1991- van BENSCHOTEN ,Mark : We have produced a 55 minute film documenting an Atlantic crossing. It's scheduled to air on a television series called "Wings Over Canada" in early 2004. If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy (PAL or NTSC formats), our web site is (the" Wings" TV show web site is

2011-Liliana Tagliamonte and Detlef Heun
Available from :

2012-CarolAnn Garratt
Great viewing on YouTube:








Many Earthrounders have produced video clips published on You Tube.
To find them, just type “Earthrounders” once logged in You Tube. Some of those videos labelled “Earthrounders” are not covering actual flights but some projects of RTW that, in some cases never materialised. Another way to access those video clips is to type the name of the pilot.

Here are some of the most famous You Tube video clips covering RTW:

A very nostalgic view of our first meeting in Oshkosh 2000 by Jorge Cornish:

Earthrounders Diner, Meeting 2003 Perth

Detlef Heun and Liliana Tagliamonte, N577DL:

CarolAnn Garratt:

CarolAnn Garratt and and Carol Foy:">

Russia Meeting:

Promotional Video for the 2018 China Meeting

Dick Smith first helicopter RTW



Detlef Heun


Ryan Campbell

Brian Lloyd



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