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6th-11th MAY 2010

Day to Day Report



Day 1 - Thursday 6th May: Registration:

They came from all over the World, from Europe, from the US, from Russia and from Australia. Old acquaintances and new faces.
We discovered the national drink, a high octane mixture of white rum and lime juice, very potent…

Day 2 - Friday 7th May: On the Lake:

We spent the morning sailing on the Lagoa Paranoa on board the “Imagination”, around the Puente Juscelino Kubitschek (Bridge).
First roundtable where we introduced ourselves. Several topics where discussed. Lunch was served on board. After an attempt to a group photo, we disembarked and visited the “Blue Church”. We then split into 2 groups, one going to meet the Civil Aviation (ANAC) as they try to stream line their system of entry into the country, while the other went to the Gem Museum.
We closed the day with a ‘surprise’ diner somewhere… After bussing along a bush trek, we were taken in an ‘open cockpit’ Jeep to a private airfield. In an immaculate hangar, with a black and white tiled floor (Wipe your feet, please…) was a superb Stearman. On the grass a J3 Cub and an Army Bird Dog and RXE, ‘Romeo’, Gerard and Margi’s Saranejo. A multitude of pizzas were prepared and baked, washed with excellent Chilean wines.
A remarquable evening, a proper ending for a very pleasant day.

Day 3 - Saturday 8th May: Flight-seeing:

This morning we bussed to the APUB flying club. A very lucky flying club, almost within the City. We were all offered flights by the members. Most of us took these generous offers and enjoyed the flights in a variety of aircraft. It was fascinating to discover the size of Brasilia from the air. We were introduced to the Club Members, and CarollAnn Garratt made a full report of her extraordinary flight of last year (8 days around the World).
This was followed by the usual Brazilian BBQ of beef and pork roasted from a fire in the ground. After another attempt to a group photo, we were back to the Royal Tulip for another roundtable.
That night the young and strong went to musical night at Clubo do Choro.

Day 4 - Sunday 9th May: Brasilia and go-karting:

We were taken on a City Tour this morning. Billy, our Guide was a very knowledgeable man who saw the creation of Brasilia and lived here since. We saw Mass in the church of Our Lady of Fatima and in the Catedral Metropolitana (photo).
Then a long visit of the Memorial JK, in honour of Juscelino Kubitschek, the father of Brasilia, and then to most of the public buildings. A vibrant and dynamic architecture all along. The history of the foundation of the City, some 50 years ago, is fascinating, with the fight to convince governments and embassies to move away from the coast and start developing the interior.
We had lunch at the “Oca da Triba”, a traditional restaurant. In the afternoon we went karting! A new experience for some!!
In the evening we had the last of our roundtables. A few interesting decisions were taken, including that the next meeting will take place in Florida, during Sun-n-fun, with Bob Gannon as our host.

Day 5 - Thursday 10th May: Adventure day and closing diner:

This morning, the young and the foolhardy went for an adventure walking trip while the older and wiser members stood guard at the camp. In the evening, we had our farewell and closing diner “chez Moss”. These two lucky people live in a luxury mansion within a private park only a few minutes from the capital city.
The diner was superb with excellent food and drinks, a lot of noisy jokes and toasts. Presents were exchanged and finally the Earthrounders flag was handed by Gerard and Margi to Bob Gannon. He will take it to our next meeting in Florida to coincide with the 2012 Sun-n-Fun Meeting.
We all parted with promises of meeting again somewhere, sometimes. A great and warm thank you to Margi and Gerard for such a successful reunion.



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