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Useful information-Around the World 2002

(Some information may have altered and is now incorrect. Please do not rely upon its accuracy)
by Bill Finlen


Indian Ocean


South America

North America

Pacific Ocean

Airport: YBAF (Archerfield general aviation)
Customs: Not available
Fuel: AVGAS tankers
General: My home town. Contact 61 7 33910766 BH or 61 7 33682679 AH or

Airport: YBRM
Customs: When arriving at Christmas Island, I was told I should have cleared customs at Broome. Fuel: AVGAS bowser
Met: Available by phone or fax or NAIPS ph1800805150
Hotel: Roebuck Hotel. Walking distance from airport.

Christmas Island (Australia)
Airport: YPXM
Airport manager Don Bridges Ph 61 8 9164 8498 fax 61 8 9164 8485
Charges AU$300 per day plus parking AU$40
Visa: Not required by me as Australian
Customs: 08 9164 7228, fax 08 9164 8440, Trevor Jason. Said I should have also cleared Customs at Broome.
Clearance: Prior notice is all that is required for Australians.
Fuel: Must be shipped from Perth by Zentner Shipping (Stuart Clarke) Phone: 08 9337 5911 email: Arrange through Air BP: Lucy Ingram (08)94789822
Cost to transport is $60 per drum plus one of fee $200 I.e. two drums cost $320 (plus 200 litre fuel costs)
Local Contact: AirBP John Kerr 08 9164 8353 (I think I paid AD$80 for filling)
Met: David Pottage 08 9164 7869 Home 08 9164 7463 work (David was very helpful to me)
Hotel: Mango Tree Lodge 327 Gaze Rd Christmas Island 6798 (08) 9164 7189
Handler: The airport acts as Handler
General: No public transport. Hire car at Soong Car rental

Colombo-(Sri Lanka)
Airport: VCBI (Bandaranaike International)
Visa: Not required
Clearance: Arranged by "Overflight"
Fuel: Drum AVGAS only. Had trouble finding a hand pump.
Hotel: Ceylon Continental. Great Hotel but a long way from Airport.
Goodwood Plaza. Ordinary hotel but handy to airport.
Met: At airport but was unable to give winds at low altitude.
Handler: The agent (ramp boss) found me and was helpful. I cannot find details. I would still be there filling in paperwork if the agent did not help. Total cost was reasonable because they have no figures for small aircraft.
General: Helper from Air Sri Lanka Control Room Sujith Wahalathanthri 077900812 I keep in touch with Sujith and recommend he be contacted.

I did not land because of lack of AVGAS and later received a bill for $250 US to overfly.
After protesting and asking for a fee schedule and then pointing out that the schedule did not cover such small aircraft, the fee was waived.

Airport: FSIA
Clearance: Arranged by "Overflight"
Fuel: AVGAS USD$3.45/USGal
Hotel: Prices range from US$95-$350. Everything must be paid in Foreign currency so don't get too much local currency. I tried a few and ended up at Coral Strand on the other side of the Island.
Handler: Handling fees are paid to Air Seychelles and they are very expensive. They wanted $1500 US for my Bonanza but reduced to $1000 with the help of Mr Umarji. Later I received another Aviation charge USD$131
General: Airport manager: Mr Akbar Umarji phone: 248 384014 Fax: 284 384030
Email: Definitely make contact.

Airport: Wilson (HKNW)
Visa: Required
Clearance: Not required, but to fly internal in Kenya, a very complicated approval was required and I had to go to the Civil Aviation Authority at the main airport. Took a whole day to arrange.
Fuel: Colin Davies runs a very helpful maintenance and AVGAS facility next to the Aero Club.
Met: Available at the airport.
Hotel: Go to East African Aero Club.
Handler: Not required.

Airport: (HUEN)
Clearance: Arranged by "Overflight"
Met: Available at airport
Hotel: Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel. I enjoyed my short stay.
Handler: One found me and was helpful.
General: Good place to visit.

Bangui-(Central African Republic)
Airport: FEFF
Clearance: Arranged by "Overflight" but did not arrive
Fuel: Expensive and take it or leave it. Drums filled from large tankers. 400 litres cost USD$733
Met: Available at met office on airport.
Hotel: Hotel du Centre
Handler: Everyone is a "handler"
General: A terrible place. Everyone wants to be paid and in particular the police. The only help I received was from a friendly Air traffic controller I found at the tower.

Abidjan-(Ivory Coast)
Airport: DIAP
Clearance: Arranged by "Overflight"
Fuel: AVGAS by tanker
Met: Good service at airport but hard to find.
Hotel: Novotel was OK
Handler: Mr Williams very helpful. I should have tipped him more. Tel: 23 37 78 77
General: An OK place and I recommend getting a handler. Most places would not take my travellers cheques and I found it hard to get cash.

Airport: SBRF
Visa: Required
Clearance: Arranged by "Overflight"
Fuel: AVGAS by tanker but I have doubts about mine being LL
Met: Available at airport. Recommend handler.
Hotel: Hotel Atlanta Plaza
Handler: Hugo Araujo, Elias +3464-4702 Araujo 9954 0085 Helpful and friendly but a bit expensive.
General: I enjoyed my brief stay.

Airport: SBMQ
Fuel: AVGAS tanker
Met: At airport
Hotel: Palace hotel. Ordinary but all I could get. No phone in room.
Handler: I was helped by a pilot and recommend he be contacted. Floriano Waldeck 96 9971 1403
General: I was unable to receive any technical help with my engine at all.

Airport: SBJC (Julio Cesar) is for general aviation SBBE (Val de Caes for International)
Customs: Not at SBJC
Fuel: AVGAS Tanker
Met: At the airport
Hotel: Hotel Villa Rica. Handy to airport and pilot discounts
Handler: Needed. Without my helper would have been very difficult.
General: Contact my friendly helper. Fabricio Schuber 91 244 5884
A very useful and helpful maintenance facility at SBJC David Talhsrim at Planave Aviaco

Airport: SVMI
Clearance: Arranged by "Overflight"
Fuel: AVGAS tanker
Met: Handler provided
Hotel: Hotel Ole Good Hotel overlooking the beach but not close to Caracas.
Handler: TT Services. I think it is compulsory. They will find you.
General: Good place to visit

Airport: MUHA
Visa: Required
Clearance: Arranged by "Overflight"
Fuel: Nil AVGAS
Met: At airport
Hotel: Nacional Hotel. Great place.
Handler: The airport authority takes care of things in a friendly manner.
General: I really enjoyed my brief stay.

Miami-(Florida USA)
Airport: KMIA
Customs: Very unfriendly and officious.
Visa: Australians normally don't need one but these people wanted one.
Clearance: FAA waiver required. I had one but was not asked for it upon arrival. Forgot to give 24 hours notice to quarantine. All sorts of drama.
Fuel: Tanker
Met: By phone at Customs office

Spruce Creek-(Florida)
Airport: 7FL6 residential Air Park
Fuel: AVGAS Bowser
General: Fantastic

Houston South-(Texas USA)
Airport: KAXH
Fuel: Tanker
General: Dr John Coale is planning his own ATW. He provided me with a self contained apartment and exchange of maps, data etc. I recommend calling John. 713-592-0406

Airport: KIER
General: Would like to go back and visit one day. Call tom Gresham

Airport: KADH (Home of GAMI)
Hotel: Holiday Inn
Fuel: AVGAS Tanker
General: The GAMI Guys are friendly and helpful

San Diego (California)
Airport: KSEE (Gillespie) and KSDM (Browns Field)
Fuel: AVGAS Tanker
General: KSEE is Jay Shower's (Earth Rounder) base and KSDM has very long runway for the heavy departure to Hilo.
Contact Jay 0011 1 619 6909035

Airport: PHTO
Fuel: AVGAS tanker Hotel: Uncle Billy's
Handler: A very helpful contact is Mooney owner Elliot Merk 808-961-4755 BH

Airport: PLNL
Fuel: AVGAS TankerAgent/Handler: Local pilot and Earth Rounder Willie Tashima guided me through Customs, weather etc.
Contact Willie +1 (-808) 373-4914

Christmas Island (Republic of Kiribati)
Airport: PLCH (Cassidy)
Customs: Did not turn up at Airport
Visa: Arranged by agent in Australia
Clearance: Information: MLPG
Republic of Kiribati fax (686)81033 phone (686) 81214 or (686)81260 Landing Permit: MICT fax (686)26193
Fuel: Secretary
Ministry of Land & Phoenix Development
Christmas Island, Kiribati
(Avgas is kept at a fuel farm away from the airport. I was warned to inspect the drums of fuel before use. However, I failed to do that and spent a very restless night thinking about what I had placed into my tanks. The AVGAS drums were coded but I could find no reference to date etc.)
Hotel: Captain Cook. OK but no choice.
Time: Same as Honolulu but one day ahead.
Currency: Australian dollar
General: (The phones did not work at the Hotel. I went into the town of London where they did not work either. I was unable to get weather and lodge a flight plan with Honolulu. I did my best on the HF when airborne)

Pago Pago-American Samoa
Airport: NSTU
Fuel: AVGAS Tanker. Could be in short supply. Check first.
Hotel: Pago Airport Inn. Ordinary. No phone. No food but handy to Airport.
Handler: Mss Janet Mulipola Phone: (M) 684 258 5853 258 5853 or 011-684 699 7877 Fax: 011-684 699 6655
Wanted to charge me $US 648.00 but settled for $US300.00 after "negotiation"
General: I had very little time and saw very little of what looked like a pretty place.

Airport: NFFN
Fuel: AVGAS Tanker
Hotel: Fiji Mocambo
Handler: Helper Basant Kumar Phone 9259064 (This person met me at the airport. I don't know what his job was but he was very helpful. Contact him for help)
Mr Rajendra (Director Western-Customs Deo) Fax 6725390
Mr Orisi Ravuso (Principal Immigration officer Western) fax: 6721 720
Mr Daven Nath (Health Inspector-Nadi Airport) Fax: 6720992
Mr Steve Dizzard (Controller Air Safety) Fax: 6725125

Thanks to Bill Finlen

Disclaimer :
The information found on these pages is published as supplied by pilots and has not been verified. It does not replace official documents produced by foreign governments or Airways Manuals published by specialised firms and should be taken at face value and used only for planning purposes. Governments change their aviation regulations without notice. Neither nor the pilots supplying the information are liable for inaccuracies or subsequent changes in that information.
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