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The 10th Earthrounders Meeting will take place in Zhengzhou, Province of Henan, China, during the Zhengzhou annual AirShow.
We are invited by the Air Show organisers, thanks to the negociations of our host, Earthrounder Wei Chen .
The Air Show will be run from
April 24 to April 29, 2018.

Preliminary Notes
News Letter N°1
News Letter N°2
News Letter N°3
News Letter N°4
News Letter N°5
News Letter N°6

News Letter N°7

Who is coming to the Meeting?

Please click here for the Promotional Video for the Meeting

Please note: registrations for the Meeting
will close on March 24th, 2018.


Robert Vlassic completed his RTW on April 25 in a Piper Saratoga PA32.
Richard Bailey and his daughter Kelly fcomplted their RTW in a TBM 900, N979MB. They landed on August 26, 2017 at their point of departure, Camarillo CA
Debasish Banerjee is flying a Cessna 182 N58635 from 1A5 Macon County Airport. He is diabetic and he plans to make the flight a tool to raise awareness of Diabetes. Currently in India.
Maxim Sotnikov, Marcin Szamborski and their crew completed their RTW in a Bell 407 helicopter. They landed in Konakovo near Moscow, UUEL on June 12, 2017.
Brian Lloyd completed of his RTW in N916BL, Spirit, landing in Kestrel Airpark, TX, 1T7, also completed the flight commemorating the 80th Anniversary of Amelia Earhart historic last flight, landing in Oackland, CA.
Sylvia and Brian Foster compltede their RTW in their Vans RV10. They landed on November 6, 2017 in their home town of Port Alfred,

Sami Raffa and Ralph Eckhardt, two retired B747 Captains are planning an Eastward RTW in a Mooney Ovation.
Tim Fino is announcing his RTW, departing Oshkosh in a Piper Seneca II N47815 in support of Wings of Mercy East Michigan
http://www.WingsAroundTheWorld.INFO Theodore Robert Wright:
Justin Collins


Sergey Ananov's departed Moscow in a Robinson 22 helicopter for an Eastbound RTW
Ditched between Canada and Greenland on July 25, 2015. Pilot safe.
Vincent Moisson and Phillipe Renaudet have started their RTW 'following Phineas Fogg' in a Dyn Aero MCR-4S from Nantes, France, on May 8, 2015.Details
Flight abandoned in Japan in June 2015, Aircraft freighted back to France by sea.
Colin Hales accidented in Japan, after suffering an engine failure.

Click here for details.

November 11, 2015: Bruce Andrews wants to buy a 160 gallon Turtle-Pac tank.
Full details on the messages page

August 31, 2015: Ron Siwik (RTW 2008) is selling his Bonanza tip tanks.

August 19, 2015: Heinz Peier is selling several items (Iridium phone, rescue Suit, etc).

August 11, 2015: I am looking for a pilot interested in joining me on a round- the-world trip by a two-engine plane

June 20, 2014; From Wolf Shroen: We still have 5 x 55-gal drums of Avgas for sale in Adak. Any interested parties can email me at wolf_schroen(at)

January 14, 2014: Looking to buy or rent ferry tank or 'Dolly Paton' tanks with 120+ gallon capacity for Beechcraft Bonanza (A36).
Please contact by email:
Indiana, USA
Cell: 317.809.4229


Flying 7 Continents Solo by Harry R. Anderson





POLAR FIRST by Jennifer Murray

GREAT CIRCLE, The World Eastbound by Stephan and Nicolas Perren

The new FAI Circumnavigator Badge.
Have you applied for your Badge yet ???

Click here for details.
And list of holders


First recipient of the Earthrounders Gold Star Award for Web Site excellence.
Details of the Award

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Welcome to

This site is a register of pilots who have flown around the world in light aircraft (*).
It records the pilots and their aircraft in chronological order,
and aims to inspire others who have similar flying dreams.
(*) Maximum weight 7000 kg.

What is an Earthrounder? Are you one?   More...

Richard Bailey's TBM 900, N979MB
RTW 2017
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Database #: 603

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February 16, 2018
狗 的 新 年 快 乐
Happy New Year of the Dog

February 3, 2018
From Jonathan Zhang:
I do have PPL and IFR ratings with 200+ hours flight, I am interested in going to the Zhengzhou Meeting. I would like to "thumb" a lift with any Earthrounder flying to the Meeting and I am prepared to share the costs.
Jonathan Zhang

February 3, 2018
Someone send me old photos of Earthrounders visiting Oshkosh 2010.
Please click here.

February 2, 2018
Fun day in the snow
Earthrounders Bertrand Piccard, CarolAnn Garratt, Patrick and Linda Elliott, Rodney Blois, Angela and Flemming Pedersen, Peter Goldstern and Gérard Moss all met in Switzerland’s Hot Air Balloon capital, Chateau D’Oex.
The highlight of the day, was to meet future Earthrounders Daniel Ramseier, Guillaume Féral et Mike Lomberg who presented their noble project (
The team members were all avid to take advantage of the vast experience of the many Earthrounders present, and we all enjoyed discussing their planned route. A further meeting will be set up by Flemming for June. This challenging RTW flight is due to take-off from Switzerland in November and is to last about 9 months. More info on their site.
Meantime a very special thanks to Patrick and Linda who generously treated us all for lunch.
More photos.

January 31, 2018
Please read our News Letter N°7, for the latest on the Zhengzhou Itineray and details on the Meeting.

News Letter N°7

Please note: registrations for the Meeting will close on March 24th, 2018.

January 28, 2018
Congratulations to Georges Adam for the successful completion of his RTW in his PC-12/45 C-GSAG.
Larger picture

January 11, 2018:
An old video clip came out of hidding (being re-dicovered on You Tube) of the Presentation Diner at the Perth 2003 Meeting.
Perth 2003, Presentation Diner
If you have any interresting You Tube videos of RTW, please let us know and we shall list them on our page of You Tube Videos.
List of known RTW videos

January 7, 2018:
Congratulations to Peter Wilson and Matthew Gallagher for the successful completion of their RTW in a Robinson 66 Turbine Helicopter.
Larger picture

December 31 , 2017:
Happy New Year to all.
Please read our News Letter N°6, for the latest on the Zhengzhou Meeting.
News Letter N°6

December 29 , 2017:
Congratulations to Xinyu Zhang, Hong Liand and their crew for the successful completion of their RTW in a Harbin Y-12ll, the first RTW for a Chinese built aircaft. They did land back at Taiping, Harbin Airport on June 24, 2017 after a 147 days flight.
Larger picture

December 22 , 2017:
Sincere congratulations to John Bone for the successful completion of his RTW in his Cirrus N140BV. He landed on December 20, 2017, returning to Apalachicola, FL, after 52 days and 142 hours.
Larger photo

December 21 , 2017: From Finn Ma:
Looking for Seat(s)/Plane to the 2018 China Meeting from the USA
One or more moderately-experienced pilots are looking for empty seat(s) for flying from the US to the Zhengzhou meeting; can share workload, cost, and help with the language and local logistics.
Alternatively, we would be interested in leasing (if such opportunities exist) a DA42/SR22 for this trip and can take a couple of fellow pilots along. Preferably no extended over-water flying.
Finn Ma, PhD

December 21 , 2017: Congratulations to Miguel Gordillo as the FAi has ratified his record of speed over both Poles on December 15, 2016.(Record #18103), and other speed records.
Congratulations also to Debasish Banerjee for his speed record (Record#17864).

December 8 , 2017:
Here at we wish a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all Earthrounders, their families and friends and all Earthrounders-to-be.

Happy landings, blue skies, tail winds and all this kind of things....

Hope we can all meet again, this time in Zhengzhou, China....

November 27, 2017:
Congratulations to Tomasz Wojtowicz for the completion of his RTW in a Cessna 152. He landed back at Joseph Y Resnick Airport, Ellenville, NY (N89) on September 6, 2017. That is probably the first and the only RTW in a Cesssna 152.

November 27, 2017:

Click here for News Letter n°5

November 24, 2017:
Congratulations to Karl-Heinz Zahorsky and Karl Karbach for the completion of their RTW in their Malibu N662TC. They landed at Kiel Airport, their point of departure, on Friday, October 24, 2017

November 17, 2017:
António Veladas of Évora Airport, Portugal, is announcing his departure on April 14, 2018, for a flight around the World in a Jabiru 230, CX-XAT. His mission is to raise money for "Solidarity Dreams" and help the Volunteer Firefighters of Évora Airport.

November 15, 2017:
Click here to see the latest details on the dates and the program of activities for the Zhengzhou Meeting.

November 10, 2017:
John Bone is well on his way around the World in his Cirrus SR22, N140BV. He left KAAF on October 29th, 2017 and he is in PHOG waiting for fuel to be delivered to PKMJ.
He can be followed on:
With warm thanks to Hank Cheng for retramitting John's email.

November 10, 2017:
Congratulations to Sylvia and Brian Foster for the successful completion of their RTW in their Vans RV10. They landed on November 6, 2017 in their home town of Port Alfred, after 160 days, 23 countries and 43 airoprts.
Larger picture

November 5, 2017:
Congratulations to Maxim Sotnikov, Marcin Szamborski and their crew for the successful completion of their RTW in a Bell 407 helicopter. They landed in Konakovo near Moscow, UUEL on June 12, 2017.
Larger picture

November 5, 2017:
Good news from Karl_Heinz Zahorsky and Karl Karbach, they are "freed of Easter Island" and are now in Florianopolis, Brasil and they are continuing their flight. Their engine did not suffer any damage after having been refuelled with kerosene instead of Avgas.

November 3, 2017:
Congratulations to Peter Powell and his crew for the successful completion of his RTW in his Citation CJ3, N420CH. He was part of a gaggle of six aircraft guided by Air Journey.
Larger picture

November 2, 2017:
FAI Circumnavigator Badge
There is some confusion about the FAI Circumnavigator Badge and some pilots are disappointed of not being able to get it, simply because they have not followed the rules set by the FAI.

The first rule is they must get a FAI Sporting Licence from their own National Club BEFORE the flight. Unfortunately many pilots fail to get that licence and as a result are not eligible to receive the FAI Badge.

The second rule is to collect evidences that the flight took place around the World. That is easy as any bills, invoices for fuel, accommodation, landing fees, witnesses declarations, etc. are proofs the flight did take place. A minimum of 20 of such 'evidences' is required.

More details here:

November 1, 2017:
Another mini-Earthrounders Meeting, this time in Madrid.
Left to right: Sergey Terekhin, Angela and Flemming Pedersen, Miguel Gordillo.
Larger picture.

October 30, 2017:
Michael Smith's book: (solo RTW 2015) Voyage of the Southern Sun, was launched today at Rose Bay by Dick Smith.
In book stores now.

October 3, 2017:
Sincere congratulations to Richard Bailey and his daughter Kelly for the completion of their RTW in a TBM 900, N979MB. They landed on August 26, 2017 at their point of departure, Camarillo CA.
Larger picture

September 27, 2017:
From Daniel Ramseier:
Handiflight is a non profit association, it was born in Gruyère (Switzerland) in 2007. It has since become the biggest fly-in of disabled pilots from all around the world.
After 10 years of solid success, Handiflight is inverting its normal actions : the event will fly around the world and meet disabled aviators in their own skies, explore new horizons and look for new challenges.

September 27, 2017:
Karl-Heinz Zahorsky, in their Malibu N662TC writes from Easter Island: They had been delivered 2 drums of Jet Fuel (kerosene) instead of Avgas. Luckily the tower spotted black smoke coming from their exhaust. They managed to return safely to the airport.
Read the full story from their Site:

Click here for a short article and information on the damage such contamination can inflict to a piston engine and how to avoid it..

September 17, 2017:
From Heinz Peier:
The old travelled website is closed for good and I transferred the Blog with Pictures to the new site which is an archive of my original blog and I would like to make it available to the Earthrounder family:

August 30, 2017:

New information on flying through Japan

August 30, 2017:
From Ravinder Bansal:
I have completed my RTW in my Cessna 400 on August 20, 2017 and like to sell the following items that I no longer need:
1. Winslow life raft
2. 1-2 person land/water survival kit
3. 120 liter drum turtlepac and 12 volt pump
4. Irridium satellite phone

All these items were purchased new seven weeks ago and are in almost new condition. If interested please contact me at or on my cell phone (716) 866-0629

Photos and details

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Last update: February 16, 2018
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