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The 11th Earthrounders Meeting will
take place in Switzerland from
22nd to 27th September 2020.
We have been invited by Daniel and Sarah Ramseier of the Handiflight Group.
A short video shows their activities:
and their RTW project:

Click for larger pictures.

Please read the Switzerland Meeting News Letter N° 1.

Looking forward at meeting you all there.


Joaquin Escolano from Mexico is planning RTW in his TBM.
Serkan Zalaltuntas and Meltem Zalaltuntas are planning a circumnavigation from Istambul on first week of June 2020.
Edwin Galkinis planning his 4th RTW with Mark Seeman, departing 47N on March 25, 2020.
Donald McCulloch (RTW 1986) is planning another RTW in his Aerostar in 2020.
Robert DeLaurentis (RTW 2015) departed from Gillespie Field, CA
Ross Edmondson departed as planned from KPJC (Pittsburgh, PA, USA) on May 6th, 2019 in his C182 and is now in Bahrain.
Aarohi Pandit has already completed close to 50% of her circumnavigation in a LSA, a Pipistrel Sinus 912, VT-NBF . She took off from Patiala, India in July 2018.
Barry & Sandra Payne landed Taupo (NZ) on in Commanche ZK-BAZ.
The Handiglight team (2 CTLS and a Commache) landed Geneva.
Dr. Bo Zhang second RTW in his DA42 NG, N821ZB.
Wolfgang Reichenberger in a Diamond DA42NG, N430PS, landed in Atlanta.
Jack Long and his crew completed their third RTW in Jack's PC12/45 N575C.
Georges Adam (RTW 2017, 2018) on his third RTW
Stevan Mommertz completed his flight in memory of John T Kounis in N6275E.
Jack Long and Josh Marvil are on their third RTW in a PC12, N575PC.

Roland Szász, and Zoltan Fülöp have landed at Targu Mures Airport in Transylvania. in their PA46-350P, 'Transylvania Maverick' , T7-HEY.
Dr. Edwin Galkin (RTW 1988 and RTW 2004) and Martin Balk have landed on November 0, 2018 on Edwin Galkin third RTW,
Luke Lyson in a Cirrus DF50 Vision Jet. He landed at Renton KRNTon Novemeberber 16th, 2018.
Logan Tinley, 19, of Fort Worth, Texas, cpmpleted his RTW in his Mooney Ovation N9159Q.
Fahr Alam landed his RTW from Clearwater Florida on November 1, 2018 in a Pilatus PC 12, N9854Z.



Click here for details.

November 11, 2015: Bruce Andrews wants to buy a 160 gallon Turtle-Pac tank.
Full details on the messages page

August 31, 2015: Ron Siwik (RTW 2008) is selling his Bonanza tip tanks.

August 19, 2015: Heinz Peier is selling several items (Iridium phone, rescue Suit, etc).

August 11, 2015: I am looking for a pilot interested in joining me on a round- the-world trip by a two-engine plane

June 20, 2014; From Wolf Shroen: We still have 5 x 55-gal drums of Avgas for sale in Adak. Any interested parties can email me at wolf_schroen(at)

January 14, 2014: Looking to buy or rent ferry tank or 'Dolly Paton' tanks with 120+ gallon capacity for Beechcraft Bonanza (A36).
Please contact by email:
Indiana, USA
Cell: 317.809.4229


Flying 7 Continents Solo by Harry R. Anderson





POLAR FIRST by Jennifer Murray

GREAT CIRCLE, The World Eastbound by Stephan and Nicolas Perren

The new FAI Circumnavigator Badge.
Have you applied for your Badge yet ???

Click here for details.
And list of holders


First recipient of the Earthrounders Gold Star Award for Web Site excellence.
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Welcome to

This site is a register of pilots who have flown around the world in light aircraft (*).
It records the pilots and their aircraft in chronological order,
and aims to inspire others who have similar flying dreams.
(*) Maximum weight 7000 kg.

What is an Earthrounder? Are you one?   More...


Edwin Galkin's Centurion N2160s.

RTW 1988,2004, 2017

Larger picture.

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Database N° 169
Database N° 169

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February 1, 2020:

Jens Thamer and his Diamond DA40, D-ETFF visiting Claude Meunier at Northam Airport (YNTM) during his Eastbound RTW.
Larger picture.

January 10, 2020:

Ravinder Bansail (RTW 2017) is announcing his new book: "Cleared Direct Destination: My Solo Flight Around the World for Cancer Awareness"..
All proceeds from the book will be donated to the Rotary Ambala Cancer Hospital.
Details :

January 2, 2020:

Peter Teahen and John Ockenfels are announcing their departure from Cedar Rapids on March 14 in Peter's Piper LanceII N36194.
They will be rising awareness around the globe to eradicate polio through Rotary International and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Larger picture
Article in the Gazette.
Flight to end polio.

December 21 2019:

Shinji Maeda announces his departure for a RTW in his Bonanza N9787Y on 5/1/2020 from Everett WA (KPAE).
He can be followed on YouTube.

December 20 2019:
We wish a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all Earthrounders, their families and friends and all Earthrounders-to-be.
Happy landings, blue skies, low landing fees, tail winds, Peace on Earth, and all this kind of good things....
Hope we can all meet again, this time in Switzerland....

December 19, 2019:

From Daniel Ramseier, our Host in Switzerland in 2020:
Please read the Switzerland Meeting News Letter N° 1.

December 17, 2019:

Sincere congratulations to Bill Harrelson for beating Max Conrad's record of 1961 with 19 hours and 28 minutes to spare.

December 8, 2019:

All eyes on Bill Harrelson's speed attempt around the World in his LancairIV, N6ZQ.

December 8, 2019:

Jens Thamer from Bad Hersfeld (EDEN) Germany is in Jandakot, Western Australia, (YPJT) on a solo RTW in his DA40, D-ETFF.
He will continue on January 29th via Hawaii, the USA, Bahamas, and Bermuda.
Thanks to Wolfgang Reichenberger (RTW 2019) for the information.

December 6, 2019:

Author Tiffany Brown launches her new book on Joan Smith's RTW of 1964.

December 6, 2019:

Fahkr Alam introduces his book on his 2019 RTW.

November 22, 2019:

Robert DeLaurentis (RTW 2015) departed from Gillespie Field, CA last Saturday to fly from the South Pole to the North Pole in a Turbo Commander 900, Citizen of the World. He is the author of: 'Zen Pilot'.
From AVwebFlash.

November 22, 2019, 2019:

Sincere congratulations to Michael Lenhart and Marc Mosier for the completion of their RTW in a Cessna CJ3, C525B, N211ML.
Larger picture and maps.

October 29, 2019:

Bill Harrelson (RTW 2015, speed record via the Poles) is preparing for another RTW, this time trying to beat Max Conrad speed record (at an average of 107 knots).
Bill plans to depart from Miami on December 6th.
Wishing him full success on such a very demanding task.
With thanks to ground crew member CA Garratt.

October 24, 2019:

Sincere congratulations to Barry and Sandra Payne for the completion of their RTW in their Comanche ZK-BAZ.
Larger picture

October 23, 2019:

From Oleg Savashinsky:
I have for sale a 66 gal ferry fuel tank installation for Diamond DA40. Asking price $3 000.

October 4, 2019:

Peter Teahen announces his RTW with John Ockenfels in his Piper Lance N36194 from Cedar Rapids, IA (CID), starting on May 8th, 2020.
They will be join in St. John Newfoundland by Ed Galkin and Mark Seeman in Ed's C210, N2160S. That will be Ed's fourth RTW.
Wishing them all, fair winds and blue skies.

September 16, 2019:

From Art Mortvedt:
Steve Brooks and his superb 'Silver Spitfire' was passing through Alaska on their way to Russia.
Photo taken on the ramp in Fairbanks.
Thank you Art.
Larger photo.

September 8, 2019:

Many thanks to John Koehler for printing a batch of Earthrounders Stickers.
They will be available during the Switzerland Meeting in 2020.

Thank you John.

September 7, 2019:

Sincere congratulations to Daniel Ramseier for the completion of his RTW in his Piper Comanche HB-OVW. He landed today in Geneva, Switzerland.
Larger picture

September 7, 2019:

Sincere congratulations to Anil Bhalla for the completion of his RTW in his Cessna 182, C-GWST from Oshawa, ON, Canada (Jul 1, 2018 to Jul 9, 2019).
Larger picture

August 16, 2019:

Sincere congratulations to Harry Anderson for the completion of his second RTW with his Columbia N788W, this time through Russia, China and Kazakhstan.
Larger pictures and Map of Harry's International Flights

August 16, 2019:
From Daniel Ramseier, our host in Switzerland in 2020:
The Handiflight is back in the air. They are approaching Easter Island.
Wishing them tail winds and blue skies...

August 6, 2019:
A RTW with a difference...
Two British pilots, Steve Brooks, 58 yo. and Matt Jones, 45 yo. are planning to fly around the World in a WWII Spitfire, the Silver Spitfire, G-IRTY. They plan to leave from Goodwood Airport in the UK and to finish in December.
Wishing them fair weather and blue skies.

July 25, 2019:
From John Koelher (RTW 2018) in Oshkosh:
My plane is prominently displayed at the intersection of Knapp and the P-1 taxiway with the Earthrounders logo on the tail.
I plan a group photo of Earthrounders on Friday 26 at 10am.
Also, I printed out Earthrounders stickers to hand out.

July 24, 2019:
From Serkan Zalaltuntas:
Hello everyone,
Myself and my partner are looking for an Piper Arrow IV, Mooney MJ series etc. aircraft, our budget is around $55.000 to $60.000.
If you have something like that please contact us
Thank you so much

July12, 2019:
Travis Ludlow of the UK is trying to be the youngest pilot around the World.
The present record is held by Mason Williams Andrews of the USA. He flew around the World at 18 years, 5 months and 10 days.
Travis is now 16 years of age.
Good luck.

July 6, 2019:
A RTW with a difference:
Aarohi Pandit has already completed close to 50% of her circumnavigation in a LSA, a Pipistrel Sinus 912, VT-NBF . She and her co-pilot Keithair Misquitta took off from Patiala, India in July 2018. Pandit is now in Canada.
Thanking Debkanya Dhar for the information.

June 24, 2019:
Sincere congratulations to Dr. Bo Zhang for the successful completion of his second RTW in his DA42 NG, N821ZB.
He landed on June 9th at the Lewis University Airport (KLOT).

Thanking Tony Xue for the information.

June 19, 2019:
Sincere congratulations to Curió Vital and Matthias Reinacher for the successful completion of their RTW in a King Air C90A, D-IIKM.
Larger photo.

May 16, 2019:
The Seattle World Cruiser Project, celebrating the first 1924 circumnavigation of the globe by air, is planning a flight around the globe in the Seattle II, a replica of one of the four Douglas World Cruisers. Only two of the four World Cruisers completed the flight (Chicago and New Orleans).
Donations are welcome.
Thanking Robert Gannon for the information.
(The 1924 World Flight is told by Lowell Thomas in his famous book: The Firrst World Flight).

May 12, 2019:
Fifty years ago, on May 12, 1969, Cliff Tait departed Hamilton in New Zealand for his flight around the World in Miss Jacy, an Airtourer AESL114, ZK-CXU.
Cliff wrote the story of the flight in a book:The Flight of the Kiwi.
Happy anniversary Cliff and Joyce.
Details of the flight
Database Flight Number: 477

May 12, 2019:
Edwin Galkin (RTW 1998,2004, 2018) is planning his 4th flight around the World in his C210 N2160S with Mark Seeman. The flight will again be raising awareness and contributions for Alzheimer’s disease.
Larger photo

May 7, 2019:
Sincere congratulations to Wolf Reichenberger and his wife Monica for the successful completion of their three parts RTW. They landed yesterday at their airport of departure, Atlanta GA, PDK.

May 7, 2019:
Message from Rolf Frieden (RTW 2009):
As a RTW pilot, I am actually planning to put my fully equipped, beloved and trusty Comanche 260C HB-PON on the market.
Full details

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