Chronological listing of all known flights around the World
Some flights do not qualify as "Earthtrounders" flights as defined on this page.
Please refer to this page for details.

1919 : Brown & Alcock cross the Atlantic in a Vickers Vimy
1924 US Army Air Service
Lts. Lowell Smith & Leslie. Arnold
Lts .Erik Nelson & John Harding
USA Douglas World Cruisers Chicago
New Orleans
175 d.
Originately team of 4.
Seattle crashed in Alaska
Boston sank North of Scotland
26,350 Miles - 371 hrs 6 Apr to 28 Sep
1927 : Lindberg crosses the Atlantic
Dieudonné Costes
Joseph Le Brix
FRANCE         See the Non-Qualifying page
Charles Kingsford-Smith
& Charles P.T.Ulm
AUS/USA Fokker F17 Southern Cross   EAST 2 years 1month 4 days
1929 Dr. Hugo Eckener
Ernst Lehmann & crew
GERMANY Airship Graf Zeppelin LZ-127 EAST First airship
21 days7 hrs
Baron Frederick Karl Koenig-Warthausen GERMANY         See the Non-Qualifying page
Jacques and Violette de Sibour FRANCE         See the Non-Qualifying page
1931 Richard Halliburton & Moye Stephens as pilot USA         See the Non-Qualifying page
1931 Charles Healy. & Gladys M. Day USA         See the Non-Qualifying page
Mary Bruce UK         See the Non-Qualifying page
Elly Beinhorn GERMANY         See the Non-Qualifying page
1931 Wiley Post
Harold Gatty
USA Lockheed Vega 5-B Winnie Mae NR105W EAST 8 days 15 hrs 51 mn 15,474 Miles
1931 Clyde Pangborn
Hugh Herndon
USA Bellanca Skyrocket Miss Veedol   EAST  
1933 Wiley Post USA Lockheed Vega Winnie Mae NR105W EAST
8 d.
Solo flight 15,596 Miles 7 days 18 hrs 49 mn
1937 : Amelia Earhart disappears in the Pacific
1938 Howard Hughes:
Thomas Thurlow
Henri Conner
Richard Stoddard
Eddie Lund
USA Lockheed 14 Lodestar New York's World
Fair 1939
NX18973 EAST 10 July to 14 July
1939 Nakao / Yoshida /
Shimokawa / Saeki /
Sato / Yaokawa
JAPAN Mitsubishi
Nippon J-BAC    
1939-1945 : World War II
Richarda Morrow-Tait & 2 navigators ( Michael Townsend & Jack Ellis) UK Percival Proctor IV Thursday Child G-AKUV EAST First RTW entirely by air by a woman pilot
Vultee BT13-Valiant Next Thursday Child NX54084
1947 Clifford Evans USA Piper PA12 City of Washington N2345M EAST
122 days 23 hrs
Flying together
9 Aug to 10 Dec
George Truman City of the Angels N3671M
1951 Peter Mack USA Bonanza A35 Friendship Flame formely Waikiki Beach   EAST 111 days 33,789 SM 223 hrs 113 days
1959 Dan Sorkin &
Frank Hansen
USA Piper Apache     EAST 40 days (from Meigs Field)
1959 Peter Gluckman USA Meyer 200   N485C EAST 22 Aug to 20 Sep
1960 Charles "Chuck" F. Banfe USA Twin Bonanza       15 Oct to 23 Oct
1961 Max Conrad &
Richard Jennings (observer)
USA Piper Aztec New Frontiers N4445P WEST 160 hrs 34 mn 8 days 18 hrs 35 mn
1962 Gunther & Alice Balz
USA Twin Bonanza
  N4371D WEST 265 days
1964 Joan Merriam Smith
USA Piper Apache City of Long Beach N3251P EAST 17 March to 12 May 27,750 Miles 170 hrs in 56 days
1964 Geraldine Mock USA Cessna 180 Spirit of Colombus N1538C EAST First woman solo
29 days 11 hrs 59 mn
1966 Sheila Scott UK PA24 Comanche 260 Myth Two G-ATOY EAST First RTW
29,055 Miles 189 hrs 33 days
1966 Robert & Joan
USA Baron C-55 Philippine Baron   EAST 112 hrs 35 mn in 5 days 6 hrs
1966 Conrad Max and David N. Shefler
USA Twin Comanche Rendez Vous Expo 67 N 7003Y EAST 34,000 Miles
1966 Herman Miller III
USA Piper Aztec     EAST 45,000 Miles 250 hrs in 91 days
1967 Ann Holtgren Pellegreno
William R. Payne
Lee Koepke
Bill Polhemus
USA Lockheed 10A     EAST Following Amelia Earhart's route 9 June to 7 July
1967 Héctor Ramírez
Manuel Arango
MEXICO Beech Queen Air
BX 100
1967 Dr. Francis Sommer
Dr. John Reiger
USA Bonanza S35       132 hrs in 35 days
1968 Pellissier Hrissa FRANCE Wassmer Super IV   F-BOYS EAST Several co-pilots
1969 : Concorde first flight.
1969 Alvin Marks USA Cessna C210 Centurion Semper Fi II   EAST 13 days 22 hrs 3 April to 16 April
1969 Hypolite T. Landry USA Bonanza     EAST Speed record, 23,767 SM 13 days 9 hrs 20 mn
1969 Cliff Vincent Tait           See the Non-Qualifying page
Sheila Scott UK PA24 Comanche 260 Myth Two G-ATOY EAST Second RTW
1971 Edward & Diane Miller USA Beech Debonair   N1563S EAST Their honey moon 270 hrs in 3 months
1971 Sheila Scott UK Piper Aztec D Mythre G-AYTO First pilot over North Pole Third flight
1971 Trevor Brougham
Robert Dixon
  VH-CFO EAST Speed Record- 5 days 5 hrs 57 mn 4 Aug to 10 Aug
1971 Patricio Milmo
Jesús Delgado
MEXICO Turbo Twin Comanche Embajador Azteca XB-BUO EAST 29,968 NM 75 days
1971 Elgen Long USA Piper Navajo Crossroads Endeavour N9097Y Via Both Poles First r-t-w to overfly both poles 38,896 Miles 28 days 43 mn
1972 Henning Huffer           See the Non-Qualifying page
1974 Amos Buettell USA Cessna 310     EAST  
Henning Huffer GERMANY Mooney Chaparal
  N 9608V EAST Second flight
William & Priscilla Chester USA Beech King Air 90  Angel Bumper N12AB EAST
15 months
45 countries, 59.205 NM 15 months
1975 Denys Dalton
Keith Carmody
1975 Denis Dalton
Terry Gwynn-Jones
AUSTRALIA Beech Duke 60   VH-TKE EAST Speed record 5 days 2 hrs 19 mn
24,426 SM
1975 Hans Tholstrup AUSTRALIA Grumann AA 1B
Trainer 105 hp
  N6505L EAST
3 months
1975 Robert & Peter
USA Cessna Centurion     EAST  
1976 Doc Wisner &
Bryce Wisener
USA Bonanza        
1976 Don Taylor USA Thorp T18 Victoria 76 N455T EAST First home built 24,877 Miles 60 days 4 hrs 10 mn
FAI Circumnavigator Badge
1976 Henning Huffer
GERMANY Mooney Chaparal
  N 9608V WEST Third fligth following HMS Bounty 17 June 1976 to 7 Jan 1977
1977 Paul Straub USA Mooney Super Turbo 21   N300MD EAST  
1977 Jack Rodd
Harold Benham
USA Bonanza City of Cortez   EAST  
1977 Philander P. Claxton
Jack L. Cink
USA Aerostar 601P American Spirit   EAST Speed record, 4 days 8 hrs.125 hrs
1978 Paul Warren Wilson
Nicholas Walsh
UK Cherokee 6        
1978 Robert Muckelstone USA Cessna Centurion T210        
1978 Frank Haile
Walt Hedgren
USA Bonanza V35B   N4FH EAST
18 days
24,500 NM
1978 Henning Huffer
+camera team
GERMANY M20J   N 201XP WEST Fourth flight
1980 Judith Chisholm UK Cessna Centurion T210   G-BAGE EAST  
Henning Huffer GERMANY Mooney M20J   N3683H WEST Fifth flight
1982 Donald Muir
André Daemen
CANADA Cessna 210N       22,700 Miles 6 days 7 hrs 30 mn
1982 Robert Reinhold
Donald Grant
Frank Puruello
USA Cheyenne III
1982 Winthrop Dale USA Cessna 310Q   N7833Q WEST Loyal Hibbs (Truckee, CA West to Reykjavik, Iceland)
30 days, 164 hrs, 42561 km
FAI Circumnavigator Badge
1982 H. Ross Perot Jr
Jay W. Coburn
USA Bell 206L-1
Long Ranger II
Spirit of Texas N3911Z EAST
29 days
First helicopter
(+ Hercules chase plane)
26,000 Miles 29 days 3 hrs 8 mn
Dick Smith AUSTRALIA Bell 206
Long Ranger III
Australian Explorer VH-DIK EAST First solo helicopter 319 hrs 59 mn 35,298 Miles
1984 Browne John FX USA Piper Aztec   N2FX EAST Via Easter Island
FAI Circumnavigator Badge
1984 Donald (Rode) Rodewald USA Comanche 260   N8998P EAST First Wheelchair aviator
1984 Patrick Franceschi FRANCE Aviasud Sirocco        
1985 Michn9l Schultz GERMANY Mooney Porsche 231        
1985 Sheik Hamad Al Thani
QATAR Piper Seneca II     EAST  
1986 James Pirtle
Henry Riley
USA Comanche   N2425P    
1986 Bill & Genevieve BANCROFT USA Bonanza A3   N9489Q WEST
26 days
Flying together
Wayne Collins
Charles Key
Bonanza V35B Kangahoru N850T
Frank Haile
Stuart Haile
Bonanza V35B   N4FH
Second time
Doc Wisner
Janice Sullivan
Bonanza   Second time
Dan Bookout
Dan Schilling
Piper Lance   N8352C
Dan Webb
Bob Landes
Bonanza A36    
Reinhard Buchally
Andrea Schilan
1986 Dick Rutan
Jeana Yeager
USA Voyager Voyager N269VA EAST First and only non stop
unrefueled circumnavigation
24,986 Miles 9 days 3 mn
1986 David McCulloch
Gerald Keating
CANADA Cessna 414   C-FASB WEST World Speed Record westbound
1986 Ted Rear
Keven Pownell
1987-1993 Donald & Mali Lise Flynn USA Beech Duchess     EAST  
1987 Donald & Jim
CANADA Turbo Twin Comanche   C-GPZX WEST Flying Together
Dr. Talibi
Ken Bamford
USA Turbo Twin Comanche    
1987 Calin Rosetti
Richard Norton
Piper Malibu 310P Arctic Tern N26033   Over both Poles.
Speed record
1987 Dan Webb
+ diff. copilots
USA Bonanza       Second time
1988 Edwin Galkin
& Bob Zuber
USA Cessna 210   N2160S EAST  
1988 Peter Norvill AUSTRALIA Cessna
Hawk XP
35 days
1988 Chuck Classen
Phil Greth
USA Bonanza G35   N4493D    
1988 Mike &
Anne Wright
UK Jodel Mousquetaire   G-ARDZ EAST  
Dick Smith
Giles Kershaw
AUSTRALIA Twin Otter Sir Hubert Wilkins VH-SHW Both Poles First r-t-w with landings at both Poles
1989 Gaby Kennard AUSTRALIA Piper Saratoga Gerty VH-GKF EAST
99 days
29,000 NM
1989 Günther Kuhlmann
Peter Kuffner
40 days
Flying together
Frank Haile &
Carson Gilmer
USA Bonanza V35B   N4FH
3rd time
Dan Webb
Richard Meyehoff
Bonanza A36   Dan's third time
Doc Wisner
Janice Sullivan
Bonanza   Doc's third time
1989 Tony Aliengena +
Mr. Alienena
Gunther Hagen
USA Cessna 210 +
chase plane
46 days
Crossed mainland Russia
Youngest earthrounder pilot: 11 year old!
1990 James Dunlap USA Cessna 182        
1990 Wayne Collins
Charles Key
USA Bonanza V35B Kangahoru N850T EAST
46 days
Second time
Hans Schneider           See the Non-Qualifying page
1990 Tom & Fran Towle USA Cessna 310R     WEST  
1991 R.J. Plimpton SWISS Twin Comanche        
1991 Alex Zawaski
Roberta Alexander
USA Comanche 260B   N8944P EAST 30,737 NM
1991 Allyn Caruso
David Norgart
Yakov Sabodin
John Miller
John Gallishon
USA/Russia Fairchild Metro III Spirit of Partership   EAST
7 days
30 World Records
1991 Thomas Casey USA Cessna 206
On Floats
Liberty II     First float plane exclusively over water
1991 David Bledsoe
Mark van Benschoten
USA Mooney M20F   N6744N WEST 38 days
Wolgang Hamann & a copilot to Recife GERMANY Piper Arrow IV 210T   N600KR WEST First crossing Chile-Easter Island, East to West
Gérard & Margi Moss BRAZIL Embraer Sertanejo Romeo PT-RXE EAST
980 days
First crossing Australia-South America. 50 countries
1992 Dr. Howard Wisner
Janice Sullivan
USA Bonanza S-35   N6826Q EAST Flying together.
Their 4th RTW.
Dan Webb
& Frank Haile
USA Bonanza A-36   N4504S
1992 Bill Signs
Iouri Kharitonov
Mooney 20E        
1992 Wilfred Tashima
Ayako Yamada
USA Beechcraft Bonanza F33 Spirit of Aloha N6105C    
1992 Tim Findlow
+ 2 diff pax
19 flying days
1992 Dick Levin & Dan Boone USA Piper Twin Comanche   N8213-Y WEST  
1992 Sheik Hamad Al Thani QATAR Aerostar 601P   N900608 WEST Second flight
Wolgang Hamann & a copilot to Recife GERMANY Piper Arrow IV 210T   N600KR WEST First solo crossing from Chile to Easter Island (East to West)
1992 1992 AROUND THE WORLD AIR RALLY. (Click here for details).
1992 1992 AROUND THE WORLD AIR RALLY (VIA RUSSIA). (Click here for details).
Dieter Langer USA Maule        
1993 Martin   Evelyn Lutin
Bernard   Renny Shapiro
USA Cessna A 441   N77ML EAST  
1993 W. Paul Thayer   Byrum W. Teekell USA Cessna 414A   N414BW EAST 73   64 years old
23033 NM
1993 Murray Goodrich
Jay Shower
USA Bonanza F33A   N567M EAST
45 days
Crossed Equator 6 times.
1993 Zisis Pechlevanudis GREECE Bonanza   SX-AML WEST Cossed Equator 4 times
26,943 NM
1993 Jacques Lemaigne du Breuil
Nicolas Gorodiche
Olivier Waisblat
FRANCE TBM 700   F-GKJV   Speed record around the World
1994 Fred Lasby Canada Comanche       Oldest pilot to fly solo RTW at 82 years of age
1994 Dieter Schmitt GERMANY Bonanza F33A   D-EHIB    
1994 Peter Weidmann
Eduardo Nixon
Bonanza F33 El Salvador YP-257P WEST
35 days
1994 1994 AROUND THE WORLD AIR RACE. (Click here for details).
1994 Ron Bower USA Bell 206B-3
Jet Ranger II
24 days
Dick & Pip Smith AUSTRALIA Sikorsky S76 World Explorer VH-SHW WEST  
1994 Wilfred Tashima
Herbert Halperin
USA Becchcraft Bonanza Spirit of the Pacific N911WT    
1995 Antonio Faria e Mello PORTUGAL Bonanza F33 Alice 19 CS-AZI EAST
70 days
Wheelchair aviator
28,372 NM
1995 Jay Merten &
Sandi Smith
USA Malibu Round the World for Sight, 1995 N313JM EAST 86 days
25,303 NM
1995 Jon Johanson AUSTRALIA Van RV4   VH-NOJ EAST  
1995 Carlos Lupanes
Edwart Tarditi
Albert Rosenfeld
ARGENTINA King Air B-200   LV-WEW EAST 16 days, 102 hours, 44.786 KM
1995 Makagonov Vladimir, Molchanyuk Mikhail, Alekseeko Victor RUSSIA SM-92 Finist RA44484 EAST 41 days
28.015 km
1996 Mellon Timothy and Patricia USA Cessna Citation I   N7TK EAST Second RTW (1992)
1996 Claude Meunier AUSTRALIA Aerostar 602P/700   VH-XRD EAST FAI Circumnavigator Badge
1996 Hans Gutmann           See the Non-Qualifying page
1996 Jon Johanson AUSTRALIA Van RV4   VH-NOJ WEST Second flight
1996 Bill Signs
Ruth Jacobs
USA Cessna 210L   N90NB   First single r-t-w to land
on 7 continents
1996 Jennifer Murray
Quentin Smith
UK Robinson 44        
Ron Bower
John Williams
USA Bell 430   N430Q WEST
17 days
1997 Peter and Kathrin Kappeler SWITZERLAND Atzec PA 23-250 AZI HB-LDH EAST  
1997 Jüergen Timm GERMANY Bonanza V35B   D-EBNQ WEST Flying together
Guenther Kuhlmann Bonanza V35B   D-EDDV
1997 Dieter Schmitt GERMANY Bonanza F33A   D-EHIB   Second flight
FAI Circumnavigator Badge
1997 Jorge Cornish
Alfredo Dehmlow
MEXICO Mooney 231/305R Aquila Negra XB-CNA EAST
55 days
FAI Circumnavigator Badge
1997 Dick Rutan USA Long EZ   N169SH EAST
81 days
Flying together. 30,000 plus NM
Mike Melvill USA   N26MS
1997 Waldemar Miszkurka , Andrzej Szymanski, Boguslaw Gajek POLAND Antonov-2   SP-DLA EAST First RTW flight by Polish pilots
1997 Tony Cowan
Ced Hughes
Bill Purchase
UK 2 Chipmunks
1 Islander
Across Russia
Flying together
1997 Linda Finch &
USA Lockheed 10     EAST Flying together
Reid Dennis
Andy Macfie
Grumann Albatross    
1997 Jürgen Fuchs &
Harmut Bader
1998 Reed Prior USA Mooney M20J   N60RP WEST  
1998 Doug Cayne
John Fulton
USA King Air E90 Ponceby N898WW WEST  
1998 Brian Milton +
K. Reynolds, P. Petrov ( part of the way)
UK Trike GT Global Flyer   EAST
121 days
First trike 23,130 SM
1998 Lee Joo Hak (Peter) KOREA Cherokee 235 Geum Kang II N15152 EAST
36 days
26,000 NM
1998 Michell Gordillo SPAIN Kitfox IV   EC-YOY   EAST
1998 Gary Burns
Alex Schenk
1998 Mario Ardoino AUSTRALIA Archer   VH-MGA WEST  
1998 Nikki Mitchell
Rhonda Miles
USA Maule M5E     EAST
49 days
Across whole of mainland Russia
1999 Horst Ellenberger
+ diff. copilots
GERMANY Turbine Bonanza Orion D-EVIK EAST
Flying together
FAI Circumnavigarot Badge
Peter Woelfel
+ varying pax
Bonanza A36 Papa Whisky N10PW  
Robert Reiss USA Turbine Bonanza Third time N9675R  
1999 Mario Ardoino AUSTRALIA Archer   VH-MGA WEST Second flight
1999 Bertrand Picard
Brian Jones
SWISS / UK Rosiere balloon Breitling Orbiter 3 HB-BRA EAST First Balloon 19 days 21 hrs 47 mn 28,059 Miles
1 March to 21 March
1999 Ike Bartlett AUSTRALIA Mustang II   VH-MMC EAST July 19 to October 8
2000 : Tragic Concorde last flight.
2000 Jennifer Murray UK Robinson 44   G-MURY EAST  
Quentin Smith Robinson 44   G-JEFA
Colin Bodill Mainair Blade 912S   G-NOWW
Heinz Rust Cessna Citation   G-EELS
2000 H G Schmid SWISS Long EZ   HB-YCT EAST
27 days
FAI Circumnavigator Badge
2000 H G Schmid SWISS Long EZ   HB-YCT WEST
27 days
Second flight
FAI Circumnavigator Badge
2000 Jon Johanson AUSTRALIA Van RV4   VH-NOJ EAST Via the North Pole
2000 Robert Ragozzino USA Stearman N2S-B     EAST
5 months
2000 Dan Dominguez
Chris Wall
USA Aero Commander Dream Catcher   EAST 66 days
2001 Masaki Kubara (pilot)
Kozo Takita (pilot and team leader)
Hiroshi Kazama (pilot)
Tetsuo Inoue (journalist)
JAPAN Malibu   JA4084 EAST Other participating aircraft :
One Bonanza A36 N3616Z (Seatle-Tokyo)
One Mooney M20 (Canadian legs)
One Pilatus PC-12 N660NR(ditched in Russian waters)
Details on:
Fumio Oyama (pilot)
Shojiro Hamatani (pilot)
Akinori China (pilot)
Yukata Otsu (journalist)
JAPAN Malibu   JA4200
2001 Polly Vacher GB Piper Dakota PA28-235   G-FRGN EAST 124 days 29,206 Miles
2001 Simon Oliphant-Hope UK MD Notar N9201U   EAST An attempt to break Ron Bower's record
2001 Gordillo Michel SPAIN MCR-01   EC-ZBO EAST  
2001 Dari Shalon & Michel Verniol   Eurocopter AS350B3   LY-HDS EAST  
2001 Lloyd Harmon   Bill Clark USA Mooney Ovation   N91678 EAST Participating in London-Sydney Air Race
FAI Circumnavigator Badge
2001 David Hare &
various co-pilots or none
UK Piper Aztec Red Tape G-TAPE EAST Participating in London-Sydney Air Race
2001 Denise Waters &
various co-pilots or none
USA Twin Comanche PA30B Ride the Sun N7998Y   Participating in London-Sydney Air Race
2001 Moss Gérard BRAZIL Ximango   PT-ZAM WEST Second RTW
2002 Cpt. Dick Sollner &
Cpt. Bill Moore
USA Twin Comanche PA30B   N178E WEST  
2002 Bill Finlen AUSTRALIA Bonanza   VH-TYE WEST  
2002 Flemming & Angela Pederesen SWITZERLAND Mooney HoneyMooney HB-DVN EAST
2002 Dick Smith + various copilots AUSTRALIA Cessna Caravan   VH-SHW EAST  
2002 Steve Fossett USA Rosiere balloon Spirit of Freedom   EAST First solo in a balloon 20,206 Miles 14 days 19 hrs 51 mn
2003 : Concorde last commercial flight.
2002-2003 Doug Cairns & a safety pilot USA Beech Baron Diabetes World Flight N30TB EAST 26,300NM
63 legs
22 countries
2003 Jason Bahnsen AUSTRALIA Mooney   VH-JDY WEST FAI Circumnavigator Badge
2003 Philipp Sturm and Danielle Rentsch Switzerland Super Dimona     EAST  
2003 Reto and Trudy Godly Switzerland Cessna 185   N185GW EAST  
2003 Bob Reiss USA Turbine Bonanza   N9675R EAST His fourth RTW
2003 Robert Irwin USA Baron   N100N EAST  
2003 Antonio Feria e Melio Portugal Bonanza   CS-AZI EAST His second RTW in a wheel chair
2003 Delfim Costa Portugal Cessna 210   CS-AOD EAST  
2003 Frank & Dorise Heittlich GERMANY PA34   DGOMM WEST  
2003 Paul Ryan and Alan McMahon Ireland Cherokee Six   PH-SMD EAST  
2003 CarolAnn Garratt USA Mooney MSE   N220FC WEST 7 months, 36,667 nm.
Feb 28-Oct 12
2003 Salvatore Tasca & Mario Battistello ITALY Cessna 210   OO-TVH WEST 229 hrs, 07 mns for 33,205 NM
2003 Gianandrea Caravatti & Sergio Dallan ITALY Aerostar 601P Marilyn G-RIGS WEST See their Route
and Log
2004 John Coale USA Cessna 210   N30EW EAST  
2004 Polly Vacher UK Piper Dakota   G-FRGN WEST First woman solo over 7 continents
First solo in single over 7 continents
FAI Circumnavigator Badge
2004 Thomas Scherer GERMANY Europa   N81EU EAST  
2004 Dr Ed Galkin
Cpt Dick Sollner
USA Cessna 210   N2160S WEST Second RTW for both pilots
2004 Matevz Lanarcic SLOVENIA Pipistrel Sinus 912     EAST FAI Circumnavigator Badge
2004 Sherry & Larry Sietsma USA Beechcraft Baron   N3199J EAST  
2004 Ricky De Angrela           See the Non-Qualifying page
2005 Steve Fossett USA Model 311 Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer N277SF EAST First non stop solo RTW 22,877 Miles 67 hrs 1 mn
28 Feb to 3 March
2005 Bil Randolph USA RV8   N878DZ EAST  
2005 Dean Stahr USA     N277SF WEST Oldest US pilot
2005 Peter Moore
Jim Hazelton
Don McBean
Geoff Hazelton
Keith Bushnell
Henkell Marrk & Armin Stief GERMANY Cirrus SR22-G3   N241PK EAST
2006 Manuel Queiroz UK RV-6 'Slavka' G-GDRV EAST
FAI Circumnavigator Badge
2006 Perren Stephan & Nicolas SWITZERLAND Mooney   HB-DGL EAST  
2006 Rolandas Paksas & Vladimir Makagonov LITHUANIA/RUSSIA SM 2000 Phoenix HA-SMA WEST Second RTW for Vladimir Makagonov
Log of the Flight
FAI Circumnavigator Badge
2006 Ulf & Matthias Muehlbacher GERMANY Turbine Piper PA46 Malibu   N49HF EAST
2006 Johan Hammarström
Henrik Ejderholm
Martin Håkansson
SWEDEN Diamond DA42 Twin Star   SE-LVO EAST
2007 Arnim Stief and Markus Hekell GERMANY Cirrus SR 22   N241PK EAST
2007 Peter Mennel and Reinhard Flatz AUSTRIA Bonanza The Spirit of Bregenz N5NZ EAST 80 hours, 14 days
2007 Barrington Irving USA Colombia 400 Inspiration N731EA EAST
First African American and youngest RTW solo
March 23 to June 27
2007 Farhad Rostampour and Arshid Moti-Ghavanin IRAN Bonanza F33   N266DC EAST
First Iranian pilots
2007 Uwe Thomas Carstensen & Sebastian Rothammel (first half), Hans Christian Albertsen (second half) GERMANY Cessna 206 Marie D-EMCA EAST
2007 Rahul Monga & Anil Kumar INDIA CTSW   ML105 EAST  
2007-08 Ralf and
Marga Hannemann
Germany Partenavia Geier-Flyer D-GHAN EAST 340:32 hrs, all continents, 29 countries, 92 legs, 44 956 NM
2007 Jennifer Murray and Colin Boddil UK Bell 407   N407PF Pole to Pole  
2007 Jens Abilgaard Hansen DANEMARK Cessna 182   N2217L EAST
2007 Wojciech Mirski SWITZERLAND Comanche 260C   HB-OTF EAST
2007 Norman Livingstone & Vajee Misakawan Canada & Thailand Ovation Nang Fah N667DL EAST
2008 Marc Aurel Lehmann & Karl-Heinz Maxwita GERMANY Diamond D40 XL   N351DS EAST
2008 Ron Siwik USA Bonanza     EAST FAI Circumnavigator Badge
2008 Jim Nisbet UK Mooney   G-CERT EAST
FAI Circumnavigator Badge
2008 Mike Hebel and Mookie Bahiri USA Baron   N158BB EAST FAI Circumnavigator Badge
2008 Scott Kasprowicz and Steve Sheik USA AgustaWestland 109 Grand   N1US EAST Attempted Speed Record: 11 days, 7 Hrs, 2 mns
2008 2008 AIR JOURNEY AROUND THE WORLD AIR RALLY. (Click here for details).
2008 Jacques Lemaigne du Breuil
Richard de Tscharner
Mario Julen
2008 CarollAnn Garratt
Carol Foy
USA Mooney Silver Wings N220FC WEST
Dash for a cure:
CarollAnn second RTW
2009 FAI AROUND THE WORLD AIR RALLY 2009. (Click here for details).
2009 Ludwig Frieling & Jürgen Hoch GERMANY Cessna P210N Silver Eagle D-EMDT EAST  
2009 Andy Hopper UK Cessna 210   G-SEEK WEST  
2009 Rolf Friede& Manfred Melloh SWISS/AUSTRALIA Comanche P24/260   HB-PON EAST
2009 Blythe Mike & Pitman James SOUTH AFRICA SLING   ZU-TAF WEST
2009 Jared Isaacman, Doug Demko and Shaun Leach USA Cessna C510   N1693L EAST FAI Circumnavigator Badge
Speed record: 61 hrs, 15 mns, 15 sec
22.893 miles
2010 Ken Evers and Tim Pryse Australia GA8-TC Airvan   VH-BYI EAST
FAI Circumnavigator Badge
2010 Bovier Yannick Switzerland CTLS Dreamcatcher HB-WYB WEST
FAI Circumnavigator Badge
2010 Agullo Francisco Switzerland CTLS Céline HB-WYA WEST
FAI Circumnavigator Badge
2010 O.R.(Butch) Smith (Captain)
Glenn A. Smith (First Officer)
W.Mark David (Navigator)
USA King Air C90-1 Babe N332MS EAST 42 days, 88 hours, 34 minutes
21,154 NM
FAI Circumnavigator badge
2010 Huntley Peter and Hamilton Brian UK TBM 700   N868AT EAST 22 days, 105 hrs
26061 NM
2010 Hans-Juergen and Wilma Schwerhoff Germany Cessna P210   D-ESAY EAST
FAI Circumnavigator Badge
2010 Reiner Meutsch and Arnim Stief Germany Cheyenne   N191MA EAST
2010 Alexander Tschakaloff Germany Cessna 210 Centurion   D-EHJA WEST
2010 Jeffery Ying China Piper Malibu
2011 Robert Gannon USA Cessna 182 Lady Luck Too N182VE EAST, WEST, POLES Started 1992
2011 Thom Kane USA Cessna 180   N6TK WEST  
2011 Wei Chen China TBM 700   N168CW EAST
First Chinese national to fly around the Word
2011 Peter and Kathrin Kappeler Switzerland Cheyenne El Condor HB-LNX EAST  
2011 Ralf and
Marga Hannemann
Germany Partenavia Geier-Flyer D-GHAN EAST
2011 Forest Ward and Robert Martin USA Aerostar   N601PE WEST 18 days
2011 Patrick and Linda Elliott           See the Non-Qualifying page
2011 James Pitman and Jean D'Assonville South Africa Sling 4   ZU-TAF EAST
2011 Robert Jeffrey Australia Twin Comanche     EAST   N/A
2011 Harry R. Anderson USA Lancair Colunbia   N788W EAST
FAI Circumnavigator Badge
CarollAnn Garratt USA Mooney Silver Wings N220FC EAST CarollAnn's third RTW 537
2012 Matevz Lenarcic Slovania Pipistrel Sinus W914 Little One S5-PEZ EAST 520
2012 Ignas Krivickas and Jonas Juknius Lithuania Ovation   N 1012P EAST 528
2012 Toledo Walter and Eduardo Fleury Brasil Piper Matrix Echo Bravo Alpha PR-EBA EAST
Youngest pilot at 21, and accompanied by Fleury for most of journey, except across Russia
2012 Helmuth Lehner           See the Non-Qualifying page 540
2012 Bosco De La Vega and Abelardo Bru MEXICA/USA Citation CJ525 Pomme d'Air N570DM EAST 40,900 kms. 22 Countries. 33 Legs. 75 Flying Hours. 33,750 Lts fuel, 47 days. 532
2012 Müller Fritz Dieter and Hüfner Gerald Germany Caravan   D-FIMI EAST   534
2012 Carlo Schmid Switzerland Cessna 210 Turbo-Prop   HB-RTW EAST
At 22 years of age, Carlo broke the record of youngest solo RTW flight, replacing Barrington Irvin
2012 Dumont Louis Alain and
Dumont Annie
Philippe Angelier France Twin Comanche Jerry N8798P WEST 1 year, 205 hrs, 50,000 Km N/A
2013 Ulf & Matthias Muehlbacher GERMANY Turbine Piper PA46 Malibu   N49HF EAST 543
2013 James Tan Malaysia Cessan Silver Eagle, P210N   N81MG EAST Youngest solo RTW pilot at 21 years of age
2013 Bozi Filipaj & Andreas Scheerer SWITZERLAND & GERMANY Turbine Piper PA46 Malibu DLX   N9GF EAST 545
2013 Jack Weigand USA Mooney Ovation2 GX   N432BG EAST Youngest solo RTW pilot at 20 years of age
2013 Ryan Campbell Australia Cirrus S22 The Spirit of the Sapphire Coast VH-OLS EAST Youngest solo RTW pilot at 19 years of age
June 30 to September 7, 2013
2013 Veronika & Dietmar Frey Germany Cessna P210 Silver Eagle   N6593W WEST 556
2013 Petra & Gerhard-Michael Decius Germany Piper JetPROP, Speedy Gonzales D-EXRE WEST 552
2013 Michael Farikh and Alexander Kurylev RUSSIA Robinson R66   RA-06345 WEST Flying together
39448 Km, 43 days, 220 hours
First R66, first Russian registered helicopters
2013 Dmitriy Rakitskiy and Vadim Melnikov and Dmitry Kubasov (cinematographer) RUSSIA Robinson R66   RA-06350 WEST 551
2013 Johannes Burges (Germany) and Wolf Schroen (USA) Germany and USA Mooney M20K Encore Maggie N231WG WEST
2014 Calle Hedberg Norway Ravin 500 Troll Air ZU-XML WEST aviation chatter . Troll Air Round The World: 1+2+3+4+1000+ZOOOOM) 555
2014 Amelia Rose Earhart & Shane Jordan USA PC12   N58NG EAST    >
2014 Paul Moyle UK Piper Saratoga Merl's Flight N515SC
EAST Distance: 31118 NM, 465 days and 278 hours 559
2014 David McElroy & Chris Elgar Canada Piper Comanche   C-FYHU EAST 558
2014 Matt Guthmiller USA Bonanza     WEST Youngest solo pilot.
2014 Schlacter David USA TBM 850   N894EAS EAST   565
2014 Brad Howard USA Turbo Commander 690B   N690BH EAST  
2014 Bill Hettinger USA Twin Jet C501   N7EN EAST  
2014 Hayes Jimmy USA PC12   N825MK EAST    
2013-2014 Trevor Laundy UK Twin Comanche   D-GPEZ EAST In 2 parts, with a stop in new Zealand 560
2015 Bill Harrelson USA Lancair   N6ZQ Poles Flying over both Poles
FAI Record N°17406, 21/1/2015 , 70.29 km/h.
2014 Thierry Pouille USA Citation Mustang C510   N15GJ EAST 111.5 hrs, 28 791 NM 564
2015 Bertarnd Piccard
André Boschberg
Switzerland   Solar Impulse 2 HB-SIB EAST 24 days, 559 hours N/A
2012-2015 Heinz Peier Switzerland Sx300 Wings+Wheels N54Jx EAST
2015 Robert DeLaurentis USA Malibu Mirage   N997MA EAST N/A
2015 Huang, Blyth, d'Assonville, Pitman South Africa Sling 2   ZU-TWN WEST 591
2015 Michael Smith Australia Searey Southern Sun N473XP WEST First solo flying boat
First solo amphibian circumnavigations.
2015 Thomas Kane and Veronica Baird USA and Canada Cessna C180   N6TK WEST Second RTW 574
2015 Thomas Baumann USA TBM 8
N850TD East 71 days,96.5 hours 634
2016 Matevz Lenarcic Slovenia Dynamic WT9   F-JAKG WEST Third RTW 573
2016 Steve Pearce USA Mooney Ovation     EAST   575
2016 Adrian A. Eichhorn USA Bonanza   N1733G EAST   581
2016 Lucas Gambrill USA King Air 200   84-0164 EAST   579
2016 Adam Broome USA Bonanza   N5831R EAST   585
2016 Joe McMillen USA Cirrus SR22T
N8837Z EAST 583
2016 Lachlan Smart Australia Cirrus SR22T
2016 John Giidens UK TBM900   N755JG WEST 584
2016 Zheng Wang China Cirrus SR22   N517CP WEST    
2016 Dr. Bo Zhang China TBM700   N661EK EAST   592
2016 Jingxian Chen, aka Saki Chen China Bonanza   N19MT EAST
2016 Soiuzbek Saliev
and Jonas Juknius
and Lithuania
Ovation2 Gylaim EX88003 WEST 594
2016 Capt. Hank Cheng Hong Kong SAR RV8 Inspiration B-KOO EAST 595
2016 Gordillo Miguel Spain RV8   EC-XLL Via the Poles 596
2016 Eichhorn Adrian USA Bonanza Gina N1733G EAST 581/a>
2017 Jack Long ,Josh Marvil and Giusepe Caltabiano USA PC12-45   N575PC POLAR
2017 Lola Odujinrin NIgeria Cirrus Chloe N313CD EAST 598
2017 S. Robert Vlasic   Saratoga PA32  
2017 Brian Lloyd USA Mooney M20K '231' Spirit N916BL WEST 601
2017 Ravinder Bansai USA Cessan 400
2017 Richard Bailey and
Kelly Bailey
2017 Peter Powell USA Citation CJ3   N420CH WEST   604
2017 Maxim Sotnilov and Marcin Szamborski and crew RUSSIA/POLAND Bell 407   RA-01930 WEST ,/td> 605 
2017 Sylvia and Brian Foster UK RV10   ZU-IHF EAST   606
2017 Hannu Halminen
Karen Halminen
Canada TBM 910
2017 John and Carla Edwards USA TBM 900   N924CJ WEST 60 days 608
2017 Karl-Heinz Zahorsky and Karl Karbach Germany TBM 900   N662TC EAST 611
2014 - 2017 Tomasz Wojtowicz Poland Cessna 152   N4931B EAST 240 days
2017 John R Bone USA Cirrus SR22   N140BV EAST 52 days
2017 W.R. "Bob" Dengler
Steven Dengler
Robert "Dugal" MacDuff
Canada Bell 429       N/A
2017 Xinyu Zhang and Hong Liang China Harbin Y-12ll   B-3804 WEST 147 days 616
2017 Peter Wilson and Matthew Gallager UK Robinson 66   G-DIGA EAST 618
2017 Juan-Peter Schulze & Louis Cole Namibia & UK Cessna Centurion T210L Baloo N210EU EAST 81 days
2017 Georges Adam and Luc Sagnieres Canada PC 12/45   C-GSAG EAST 35 days
Second RTW
2017 Shaesta Waiz USA Bonaza A36 Dreancatcher N364ER East 145 days, 182 hours
2017 German Hucke and Armando Ide Chile Piper Matrix PA 46   CC-AQZ East 79 days, 211.3 hours
2018 Derjeou Chou and William Archer USA Eclipse 500 EA50 N287WM EAST Shortest number of days:16,
Shortest flying hours:61.5
Less number of stops:22.
2018 Ruben Dias
Mischa Gelb
Portugal/Canada Robinson 66   C-GEAK East, Equatorial 'Equatorial with crossing 2 Antipodes'
(Neiva, Colombia and Palembang, Indonesia).
2018 Olivier Ruedin Switzerland Piper P46J   HB-PSK Westbound   626
2018 Kraus Georg and Tim Germany Cessna C210T Silver Eagle D-EMDT Westbound 50 days, 136 hours
2018 Koehler John USA RV-9A May N944JK East 92 days, 177 hours
2018 Tsenter Alexander and Borisevich Andrey Belarus Cessna C182T   EW-490LL Easttbound 631
2018 Mason William Andrews USA Piper PA32R. Lance Spirit of Louisiana N7278C Eastbound,
Youngest solo RTW pilot.
See records page for details
2018 Janzen Howard USA TBM 900
N900JV East 72 days 637
2018 Paolo Buzzi Switzerland TBM 9
HB-KRJ East 81 days 635
2018 Don Caruth USA TBM 910
N910XX East 68 days, 90.16 hours 636
2018 Jim Baum USA TBM 930 N930VT East 69 days 638
2018 Luke Lysen USA Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet   N9943H East    
2018 Valery Tokarev
Loic Blaise
Russia Borey Icars RA-2877G East 43 days, 150 hours
With RA-0778G and RA-0344G
2018 Suslakov Dmitry
Atkov Oleg
Ivanov Andrey
Russia LA-8 LA-8 RA-0344G EAST 43 days, 100 hours
with RA-2877G and RA-0778G
with Valery tokarev and Loic Blaise
2018 Alafinov Sergey
Evstafyev Vladimir
Russia LA-8T LA-8T RA-0778G EAST 43 days, 100 hours
with RA_0344G and RA-2877G
2018 Zoltan Fulop and Roland Szasz Roumania Malibu Mirage Transylvania Maverick 7T-HEY East 57 days, 148.6 hours
First Romanian Team to complete an RTW flight.
2018 Alam Fakhr Pakistan Pilatus PC12 Globie N9854Z East 24 days, 129.4 hours 639
2018 Dr Ed Galkin
Marty Balk
USA Cessna 210   N2160S EAST Third RTW for Ed Galkin, first RTW for Marty Balk 645
2018 Logan Tinley USA Mooney Ovation N9159Q      
2019 Georges Adam Canada Pilatus PC 12/45   C-GSAG EAST Third RTW for Georges Adam 650
2019 Jack Long and Josh Marvill USA Pilatus PC 12/45   N575PC   Third RTW 651
2019 Stefan Mommertz Germany Cessna C 185   N6275E West THE JOHN T. KOUNIS MEMORIAL WORLD FLIGHT” 652
2018-2019 Wolfgang and Monica Reichenberger Austria Diamont DA42NG N430PS EAST   653
2019 Dr. Bo Zhang China DA42NG Diamond N821ZB EAST 655
2019 Curó Vital and Matthias Reinacher Germany-Switzerland King Air C90A D-IIKM EAST 140 hours
30000 nm
avg. GS 208 kts
2019 Lance and Natasha Mortensen USA Embraer Phenom 300 N4LM EAST First Embraer Jet to fly Around the World 656
2019 John and Karen Springthorpe USA Citation CJ3 525B N5KJ EAST 657
2019 Kenneth and Victoria Kemna USA Citation Jet/M2 C525 N68KK EAST   658
2019 Behn and Rita Wilson USA Citation CJ3 525B N70LH EAST 659
2019 Larry and Judy King USA Citation Jet/M2 C525 N921XT EAST   660
2019 Harry Anderson USA Lancair Columbia   N788W West Second RTW via China 661
2019 Anil Bhalla Canada Cessna Skylane C182T C-GWST East   662
2019 Daniel Ramseier Switzerland Piper Comanche PA24-250 HB-OVW East Escort aircraft for the 'Handiflight' 663
2019 James Ketchell UK Magni M16C   G-KTCH Eastbound
First Gyrocoopter RTW
2019 Barry and Sandra Payne New Zealand Piper Comanche   ZK-BAZ East   664
2019 Michael Lenhart and Marc Mosier USA Citation CJ3 525B   N211ML EAST   665
2019 Bill Harrelson USA Lancair IV   N6ZQ West World record. Beating Max Conrad's 1961 record by 19 hours. 666
2019 Dierk and Alex Reuter USA TBM 930   N444CD Via the Poles   N/A
2019 Sebastian and Patricio Diaz USA TBM 850     Via the Poles   N/A
2019 Matt Jones
Steve Brooks
Ian Smith
UK Supermarine Spitfire   G-IRTY N/A N/A
2019 Matt Jones
Ian Smith
UK PC12   OY-THP N/A Support aircraft for G-IRTY
2020 Jens Thamer Germany Diamond DA40NG   D-ETFF Eastbound   671
2021 Shinji Maeda USA (Native Japanese) Bonanza P35 Lucy N9798Y
Eastbound 675
2021 Trevor Ludlow UK Cessna 172R   N5010
Youngest solo RTW
2021 John R Bone USA Cirrus SR22   N140BV Eastbound Second RTW (the first RTWwas Westbound).  
2021 Tom and Natalie Grossgar Germany Piper Aerostar   D-IDEE Westbound 678
2021 Martina Kist and Alex Gronberger Argentina Cirrus SR22   LV-GQF Eastbound Their blog.  
2021 Amir and Tamra Hyster Israel/Australia Cirrus Vision Jet
SF 50
SPIRIT OF KIRYAT TIV'ON N16AT Eastbound First Amateur Pilot/Crew to fly around the World in a Single Engine Jet, first Single Engine jet to land to land at Ushuaia and to fly across the whole of the Russian Federation.


Long Way South Route  (Details)
2021 Adam and Katie Stites USA Mooney   N1OKG Eastbound Short Northern Route  (Details) N/A
2022 Matthias Niederhäeuser and Robin Wenger Switzerland Diamond DA50RG HB-RTT Easttbound   684
2022 Dr Ed Galkin
Zvi Mosery
USA Cessna 210   N2160S EAST Fourth RTW for Ed Galkin  
2022 Georges Adam Canada PC 12/45 Spirit of St Exupéry C-GSAG EAST Fourth RTW for Georges Adam 685
Chronological listing of all known flights around the World
Some flights do not qualify as "Earthtrounders" flights as defined on this page.
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