Schedule of Presentations - 2006

Over 100 presentations were made in 2004 and 2005 to EAA Chapters, Flying Clubs, and Civil Organizations.  Over $71,000 has been raised for ALS research.  Please contact CarolAnn, below, if you are interested in a presentation in your area in 2007.


Presentations - 2006

January 14, 99s, Crystal River, FL, CGC

January 25, Ocala, FL, ORL

February 3, Tamiami, FL, TMB

March 14, Orlando, FL, ORL

March 23, Crystal River, FL, CGC

March 26, Georgia Flyers, Lawrenceville, GA, LZU

April 12-15, Des Moines, IA, multiple presentations to EAA chapters and schools

April 22, Greensboro, NC, Wings Weekend, GSO

May 6, Orlando, FL, Civil Air Patrol meeting

May 9, Asheville, NC, EAA 1016

May 12, Cranland, MA,  EAA 279

May 13, Windsor Lakes, CT, FAA seminar

May 15, Newport, NH

May 16, Rochester, NY

July 16, 99s, Lorain Cty Airport, OH, LPR

July 25, EAA AirVenture, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

August 12, 99s, Denver, CO

August 12, Denver CO, EAA 43

August 15, Colorado Springs, CO, EAA 72

August 19-20, Colorado Springs, CO, Falcon Flyin and Airport Days

August    other potential presentations in CO, NE, ID, and MT

September   Potential presentations in CA and TX

October 25, Plymouth, MA

October 27, Stowe, MA

October 29, Hartford, CT

October 30, Edinburg, NY

November 17, Belleview, FL


The presentation covers highlights of this fantastic around the world adventure with an explanation of the preparation, lots of pictures and maps, and plenty of enroute stories.  Over 100 presentations have been given to date and feedback has been positive and supportive.

If your club, group, or chapter is interested in scheduling a presentation, please contact CarolAnn at 352-342-7182 or email CarolAnn at ca.garratt@att.net

The trip and presentations are made to increase awareness and donations for ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease.   No fee is charged; however, it is requested that the club or members donate to ALS.  Some clubs have held raffles, others pass the hat.  Donations have varied from $100 to $2200.   100% of donations go directly to ALS Therapy Development Foundation.   The book about this trip, Upon Silver Wings, is available for purchase at the presentations.  All revenue from the book also goes directly to ALS research (minimum $20 donation for the book).


The presentation is made using a laptop and PowerPoint.  A compatible projector and screen need to be provided on site.  Thank you in advance.


        Home  /  Dedication and Mission  /  Preparation    /   across the US to California  /   First ocean crossing to Hawaii  /  

        Ocean crossing to Samoa  /  Ocean crossing and flying in New Zealand  /   Crossing and flying in Australia /

        Multiple jumps:  Singapore to South Africa  /   Multiple Jumps:  South Africa to Greece  /  Europe  /  

        Crossing the North Atlantic  /   Last leg home  /   About the pilot  /  About the plane  /   Supporters   /

        Overview   /     Women    /     Kids     /      FAQ     /     Lessons  Learned     /     Family and Friends   /

       Flight reports:   FL to CA   /    CA to HI     /   in Hawaii    /    HI to Am Samoa    /    Am Samoa to NZ    /    in NZ     /     NZ to AU   /   in AU    /   in AU2

                              AU to Singapore    /     Singapore to India    /     India to Seychelles   /     Seychelles to S.Africa   /   in South Africa    /   Zambia to Ethiopia    /

                        Djibouti to Greece     /     Greece to France     /     England, Ireland, Scotland    /     to Iceland    /     to Greenland    /   to Canada   /   last legs home

       New:  Presentations   /   Book

I'm happy to hear from you, please email me at ca.garratt@att.net any ideas, suggestions or flight tips.  Thanks.