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Final Leg:   Eastern Canada and US

Around Labrador, New Foundland, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick


Actually, original plans were to visit Canada prior to crossing the North Atlantic to Europe, so this section was planned in the very early stages.  Now, it's the tail-end of the trip.  But, with bike and camping gear on board, I'll be doing all the visits I'd planned:  St. Anthony, Deer Lake, Gander, St. Johns, Sydney, Greenwood and Fredericton.

This Canadian visit should take about 3 weeks, then I'll cross the border back into the US and visit old friends in Maine.

From there I'll make stops near New York and Philadelphia to visit friends before a quick jump to my Dad's in Clarksville, VA, Marks Municipal (KW63).  After a good rest, I'll do the final leg back home to Kissimmee, FL, (KISM).  I'll be ready to fly Young Eagles with the other pilots of EAA Chapter 74 as soon as I arrive!!


And, I look forward to hearing the cheerful voices of the Tower Controllers at Kissimmee (KISM) -- a GREAT bunch of guys.


To see the details of the actual leg after completion, click here.


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I'm happy to hear from you, please email me at cagarratt@gmail.com any ideas, suggestions or flight tips.  Thanks.