The Book is published!!      

Image A book with the complete story of this fantastic adventure is available for distribution.  Publication date was June 22, 2004.  

The title is:  Upon Silver Wings:  Global Adventure in a Small Plane

Price $19.95, plus shipping and handling, $4.00.  100% of revenue goes directly to the ALS Therapy Development Foundation.  Requested donation $25.

Direct donations to ALS-TDF over $35 will receive a letter  confirming your tax deductible contribution and an autographed book.



To ensure receiving a first edition book by CarolAnn, please send your contribution ($20.00 minimum plus $4.00 s&h) to ALS-TDF today:

ALS Therapy Development Foundation

215 First St.

Cambridge, MA  02142

or call 617-441-7270 with your credit card ready.

Visit their web site at www.als.net/join/donatenow.asp.  Enter the credit card information and indicate in the comments section that you are requesting the book Upon Silver Wings as your gift.

Thank you for your contribution.


Books will also be made available from CarolAnn after presentations.  

They are now available at Amazon.com, ebay.com, and most of your central Florida airport pilot shops.

       Home  /  Dedication and Mission  /  Preparation    /   across the US to California  /   First ocean crossing to Hawaii  /  

       Ocean crossing to Samoa  /  Ocean crossing and flying in New Zealand  /   Crossing and flying in Australia /

       Multiple jumps:  Singapore to South Africa  /  Multiple Jumps:  South Africa to Greece  /  Europe  /  

       Crossing the North Atlantic  /  Last leg home  /  About the pilot  /  About the plane  /  Supporters   /

       Overview   /    Women    /     Kids     /      FAQ     /     Lessons  Learned     /     Family and Friends   /

       Flight reports:  FL to CA   /    CA to HI     /   in Hawaii    /    HI to Am Samoa    /    Am Samoa to NZ    /    in NZ     /     NZ to AU   /   in AU    /   in AU2

                              AU to Singapore    /    Singapore to India    /     India to Seychelles   /    Seychelles to S.Africa   /   in South Africa    /   Zambia to Ethiopia    /

                       Djibouti to Greece     /     Greece to France     /     England, Ireland, Scotland    /    to Iceland    /    to Greenland    /   to Canada   /  last legs home

       New:  Presentations   /   Book

I'm happy to hear from you, please email me at ca.garratt@att.net any ideas, suggestions or flight tips.  Thanks.