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Book Donations:

Many hundreds of people have donated from $20 to $50 and received a copy of Upon Silver Wings.  This new book, just published in June '04, tells the whole fascinating story about the adventure.  100% of the revenue goes to ALS-TDF, researching a cure for Lou Gehrig's disease.

It is no longer possible to list the people who are donating to ALS Therapy Development Foundation; but you all have our many thanks for your support.


Carol Ann is extremely grateful to the generous sponsors and friends who have helped make this adventure possible.  The most important aspect has been the information, recommendations, and suggestions provided by pilots who have done this trip, ferry operators, experienced mechanics, other experienced pilots and controllers, helpful friends, and the many friends providing lodging.  They are recognized here for their invaluable contribution.

       Air-Link, Dubbo, AU; Cliff, Paddo, Geoff, David, Adrian and others

       Linda and Bill Alexander, Wood'N B&B, Newfoundland, Canada

       American Samoa Tower controllers:  Frank Bastis, Greg, Amy and Ella

       Aviation Business Centre, SA, Dudley and Jenny Lieveaux, Dion, Gert, Jaco and Jean

       Wendy and Paul Barter, Wings N Things, Lanseria, South Africa

       Eddie Belle and family, Seychelles

       Mark van Benschoten

       Dave Berelsman

       Gerard et Francine Bonneau, Subligny, France

       John at Boomerang Software, Inc.

       Pat and Joann Brown

       Nelson Cambata at Starport USA

       Sue and Dick Campbell, Northshore Aero Club, Auckland, NZ

       Bentley and Jackie Chapman, Paarl, South Africa

       Goeff and PaoChen Davis, Singapore

       Jim, Kelly, EJ, John, John, Mike and others-Daytona Beach Jet Center

       Judy Dickson, in memory of Dave who died of ALS, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

       Jamie and Penny Donaldson, Crowborough, England

       Gordon and Bridget Donaldson, Stone, England

       Eric and Stephan England, Hampton-Wick, England

       Mike and Janet Ernesta, Seychelles

       Rendall Ferrier, Aberdeen, Scotland

       Kathryn and John Flynn, Darwin, AU

       John Foster and Jamie, Laconia, NH

       Wanda Fuller at Kerrlake.com

       Andy and Debbie Garratt

       Peter John and Karyn Garratt

       Richard Garratt, father

       Richard and Di Garratt

       William Garratt

       Ewald Groenewald

       FJ Hale

       Pat and Janis Hanly, South Africa Mooney Sales and Service

       Jan Harding, Wivenhoe, England

       Nick and Fikirte Heemskerk; along with Haptalmu and Elsa

        Richard and Hellen Horrobin, Keri Keri, NZ

       Michael Jannine

       Johor Bahru Flying Club, Malaysia; Andreas, Norman, Jamil, Terry, Neil, Noor, Yeow Ming, Andreas & others

       Kerala Aviation Training Center, Trivandrum, India; Mr.Rajeev, Mr.Prakash and others

       Launceston Aero Club, Launceston, AU; Melonie Griffith

       Allan and Elsie Larsen, Nuuk, Greenland

       Doug Lynch

       Valerie and Alasdair MacDonald, Sydney, Australia

       Jim McLean

       Hesham and Vicky Mahmoud, Lutterworth, England

       Martin Merritt

       Rusty and Tricia Miller, Byron Bay, Australia

       Jean-Marc and Pat Mollinghoff

       Jose' Monroy at Monroy Aero

       Nelson Aero Club; Jason, Marc, Craig and Barry

       Joe Noah

       David O'Connell, Lutterworth, England

       Sharon and Chuck Paradiso

       Flemming and Angela Pedersen, Geneva, Switzerland

       Donna Pinto

       Popular Flying Association, Jaqui, Tony, Laurie, Stewart and many others

       Nick Pride-Hearn

       Reed Prior

       Peter W. Pruyn

       Francis and Pattie Reddan, Birr, Ireland

       Brian and Janet Reid, Balmedie, Scotland

       Rosemary Rich

       Viviane Rochecouste, Cagliari, Italy with Danielle, Ines, Roberta and Nayaghi    

       Cathy Rosing

       Royal Victorian Aero Club, Moorabbin, AU; Rick, Stewart, Paul, Pamela and members

       Diane Rozek

       Paul and Mary Ryan, Limerick, Ireland

       Lori and Chris Saunders, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

       Bea and Mel Scherf along with Gil Long and the Early Birds at Sun'N Fun

       Timothy Seaman at Gran Cru

       Cindy Sheive

       Bob Snape, Leicester, England

       Dean and Lynn Stevenson, Lanseria, South Africa

       James and Irene Teng, Singapore

       Rick and Debbie Terpstra, Melbourne, Australia

       Max and Anna Tooley at Containerlift.com, Manurewa, NZ

       Dee Wakelin, Northshore Aero Club, Auckland, NZ

       Phil Waldman and Donna, Mary and Mike of Globe Aero

       David C. Weiss of Aviation Publications Service

       Wes and Sandy Whitley

       Peter and Rita Woodman, Thame, England

       Dirk and Amanda van Wyk


It is requested that any monetary contributions be sent directly to the ALS Therapy Development Foundation or to the MND foundation in Europe to help prevent this destructive disease.  In advance, I thank you enormously for your contribution to fight ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease.

       Image  Dresser Tire & Rubber Co; thanks Steven Chlavin

       Carl Aberg

       Janet Ashton, England

       Dan Barta

       Dave and Lyn Berelsman

       Boca Raton Pilots Association, Many thanks to Neil, Bruce, Ira, Jeff, Gary and many other members

       Gerard and Francine Bonneau, France

       Victoria Boubelik

       Patricia Breslow

       Randall and Linda Burdette

       Lise Burnett

       Robert and Nancy Campis at Mt. View Day Spa

       Laura Crook, RV pilot and builder

       Philippe and Jocelyne DaSilva, France

       Daytona Beach Kiwanis Foundation, Inc.; many thanks to Gus, Suzanne and others

       Denny Diehl

       EAA Chapter 74 in Orlando:  David Berelsman, Jim Buchan, Chuck Bull, Jerry Lutz, Don McLendon, Bill Rosenfelt, Laura Sherwood and many other members who showed their generosity by donating cash to the ALS Foundation.

       EAA Chapter 724 in Merrit Island:  Catherine Hall, Tony Yacono, and many participating members

       EAA Chapter 812 in Ocala:  many thanks to Donna Frantz, Larry Dupre, Woodine and George, Ralph and Erma, Wayne, Dave, Jim, Tom, and others.

       Michael Fass

       Florida Aero Club, North Perry Chapter:  Boyz from da Hood, Gary and Sylvia Hellman, Al Consentino, Paul and Susan Savio, Jerry Crawford, Haim Molcho, David Farkas, Kathi & Shelly Freestat, Nick Schillen and Hollywood Aviation  

        Florida Aero Club, Stuart Chapter:  many thanks to all the generous members including Doris Peck (in memory of Art), Bruce Heuster, Ed Darcy, Walt, Sue, and many others.

        Florida Mooney Group:  many thanks to Dave Taisch, Mace, Charley, Mike, Joe, and many other generous Mooney pilots in Florida

       Flying Farmers International and Florida Flying Farmers with many thanks to Royce Pierce, Don and Sally Apple, Elaine Doell, Art and Mary Gruber, and the many generous flying farmers from Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Ontario and elsewhere.        

       Bob and Michelle Frazer

       The Fry family in Colchester, England

       J. Andrew and Debbie Garratt

       Richard Garratt, Marie's husband, in loving memory

       Sheila Grennan, Birr, Ireland, in memory of Jimmy and Marie

        John and Barbara Hakner

       Jean Harding, England

       Bill and Sue Harrelman

       Robin K. Harris

       Adair Henderson

       Diane Heron, Chairman ALS/MDN Foundation, South Africa

       Andrew Island

       Kimberly Kishbaugh

       Lowry F. Kline

       Sam Kokkinen

       Amy Laboda, Aviation for Women Magazine

       Joe and Cyndie Lawrence

       Gerry and Jingle Lutz

       Ruth McEllhiney

       Jim McLean

       Georges and Janine Maire, Sens, France

       Bud Moore

       Ninety Nines Chapter in Tamiami, FL; many thanks to Tamra Sheffman, Becky Ritter, Elizabeth Anne Schoppaul, Constance Wilds, Victoria Wiltsie, and many, many generous others who made cash donations.

       Joe and Betty Noah

       Kenny Patterson

       Donna Pinto

       Francis and Joy Porrello

       Tim Rane, Halifax, England

       Francis and Pattie Reddan, Birr, Ireland; Marie's first cousin

       Mark Robey

       Robert and Sylvie Roca, France

       Jerry Rooks

       Mark Sanford

       Katherine Santich, writer, Orlando Sentinel

       Tom Sensabaugh

       Daniel and Laura Sherwood

       Showalter Flying Services, Orlando, FL

       Rita Showers

       Harold T. Spears, Jr.

       The employees at Split Rock Energy,LLC, Duluth MN.  Many thanks to Pam Ballhagen, Peter John Garratt, Joni Hamson, Sherry Hiller, Thomas Kansier, Ronald Knauss, Ronald Larson, Andrea Nelson, John Seidel, and Lisa Vandenham.

       Carol Tracy and family

       United Flying Octogenarians, thanks to Stanley Blumm who coordinated the meeting, Bob Piper, President, John Harrington film and editor, and the many generous donors, including Barry Smith, Mike, Ken, Ed, Bob Tullius, and many others

       Valiant Air Command, Titusville, FL

       Danne Ventura at Essilor

       ... and many others whose names I have not yet received.


Contributions of services, aircraft equipment, charts, gas, oil and other flight necessities are also very much appreciated and recognized  below.  

       Aero Club de Joigny, Luc, Hubert, Christian et d'autres membres

       Aero Club de l'Yonne, Christophe et les pilots locales

       Airline Flying Club, Ardmore, NZ; thanks Pete and club members

       Aviation Business Center, Cape Town, SA; Dudley, Jenny, Dion, Gert, Jean and Jaco

       Aviation Publications Service, thanks David Weiss

       Bourgogne Aero Services, David and Philippe

        Earl Colne Airfield, Essex, England

       Greenwood Aviation Services, Lanseria, South Africa; Ian and Casandra

        Pat and Janis Hanly, South Africa Mooney Sales and Service; with Dave and Brandon

       Far North Aviation, Wick, Scotland, thanks Andrew, Clair and Graham

       Hardy Aviation, Darwin, AU; thanks Marie, John, Allison, Nick, Mick and Lyn

       Marathon FBO, Kissimmee, FL; thanks Bob, Jeanne and all the Birks

        Northland Aero Club, Whangarei, NZ; Joe, Bevin and other instructors

       Northland Aviation, Whangarei, NZ; Mike Chubb, Colleen, Mike, Jason, Rowan

        Out of the Blue Africa Safaris, Lanseria, South Africa, Stan and Barbara

       Popular Flying Association, England; thanks Jaqui, Tony, Laurie and Stewart

       Shannon Airport, Ireland; thanks Niall Maloney

       Shearwater Flying Center, Gene Wertman, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

       Jim Smith, Laconia, NH

       Joel Smith at Mooney Airplane Company

       Stellenbosch Flying Club, South Africa; Patrick, William and Dean

       Stephenville Airport and FBO, Tom, Larry, Tom and Carolyn, Newfoundland, Canada

        Tayside Aviation, Dundee, Scotland; thanks Stuart, Neil, John, George and Bob

       Le Tour de Controle a L'Aerodrome de Auxerre, Branches

       Image  Wag-Aero, thanks Mary Pat Henningfield

       Mike and Jeremy Ward at Air Desert Pacific, Brackett Field, CA

       Woodstock Aircraft Services, NY, thanks John


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I'm happy to hear from you, please email me at cagarratt@gmail.com any ideas, suggestions or flight tips.  Thanks.